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PlayAmo – online gaming platform registers increased Indian users on its platform

Playamo:The popularity of online gaming is increasing exponentially in India; it was earlier a phenomenon that was widely accepted and indulged in countries abroad; however, the recent trend seems to be catching on in India.

The increase in online gaming directly results from an increase in smartphone penetration in the country and the availability of affordable data plans from internet providers.

One of the gaming platforms that has been making a mark and registering a steady user base is PlayAmo. 

PlayAmo is one of the leading online gaming and gambling platforms that have been created by experienced casino players and enthusiasts; this high-end casino platform also offers games from some of the leading and the best developers in the industry.

It has received several series of funding’s through the years, with the latest round of Series C funding of $100,000,000 on January 26th, 2021. 

PlayAmo offers some unique features for its customers; the years of experience as customers of different online casinos through the years has led to the expertise of what the customers expect from the platform.

Keeping the expertise in mind, the online platform has a dedicated team that works around the flaws and inconveniences customers may face while using such platforms. 

Thus, they created PlayAmo, which caters to the customers’ needs and expectations, and created a high-end casino loaded with excellent features. 

Therefore, today PlayAmo is one of India’s best online casinos as they have used their experience to cater to what the customers want. This has also led the team to provide their clients with appropriate services since they were at one time players themselves!

The insights have been drawn from the issues that gamers worldwide encountered. Hence, exclusive features can be experienced in all aspects of the website, ranging from a vast selection of online casino games to innovative payment platforms. 

The underlying motivation for PlayAmo here is not to let its customers feel unhappy or dissatisfied and thus focus on providing the customers with an environment where every player will enjoy the gaming experience to the maximum and the fullest. 

PlayAmo has made the registration process simple and akin to opening a social media account for the customers to join and enjoy the gaming experience. 

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What Does PlayAmo offer to its users?

PlayAmo team has understood that to successfully operate in the casino industry, customers must have a great first impression and make the whole process least complicated or annoying. Hence the team of PlayAmo has ensured that it provides the best experience to the players in the Indian online casino industry

  • The website itself is excellent and well-optimized
  • It has a simplified menu 
  • And great visual style. 

The games offered are from the best in the industry, and PlayAmo has also gone a step forward to provide live streams from real casinos; thereby, the users can experience actual interaction with dealers just by logging in from the comfort of once homes. 

It also assures that the customers are treated fairly and with care since the founders are players themselves and hence provide real-time solutions to any issues and customer support available 24/7 via either chat or email.

What Does PlayAmo offer to Indian Customers?

The PlayAmo team has ensured that for its Indian customers, it offers a premium selection of casino games on its website. Therefore, it partnered with some of the best game providers in the industry – Ezugi, Amatic, Endorphina, Microgaming – and many casino games that range from conventional to more complex games to suit every customer. 

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These are unique thanks to their visual designs and storylines, and some are even based on famous movies and games. 

Some of the games at PlayAmo also support Bitcoins payments; as one of the leading Indian Bitcoin casino, it bets on the latest technology to deliver the best in the gaming experience. The list of the games is updated on a regular basis.


PlayAmo caters to the smartphone user’s segment.

PlayAmo has also kept in mind those users who use smartphones to play, hence understanding the convenience that the smartphone users may experience over a big computer screen. Thus, it offers an opportunity to experience games using smartphones through its mobile-friendly website. 

Hence, when a user visits the website through the phone, the users get an entirely different level of optimization and user experience. The navigation has been made subtle and elaborate such that it is user friendly.

Also, the search bar and the list of casino games are also adjusted to the screen of the smartphone, hence making the entire experience absolutely user friendly. 

PlayAmo’s real casino experience.

If you are one of those players who enjoy the live experience of playing casino games from the comfort of your house, then PlayAmo has just the thing for you.

PlayAmo has a list of popular games for such users, including Three Card Poker and Live Blackjack in real casino venues, thus providing a unique virtual experience. 


PlayAmo has, through its team, ensures the best possible gaming experience for its users both in India and abroad.

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Through its continuous innovation, integration of technology, and the fact that the creators of PlayAmo are players themselves have succeeded in providing the best inhouse gaming experience to its users.

If you would like to play along and experience this for yourself, log on to the website visit and have a game yourself to see how easy it is to enjoy the best in online gaming.




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