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Prepare for Microsoft MS-900 Exam with Exam Dumps to Be Proficient in Microsoft 365 Fundamentals


Are you interested in cloud computing? Mastering skills for Microsoft 365, cloud computing, Windows 10, and more requires of you acquisition of some basic skills. You need thus to equip yourself with foundational knowledge on how to adopt cloud services, understand the Software as a Service cloud model, and implement Microsoft 365 cloud service.

To your benefit, Microsoft is offering you an opportunity to get these skills and much more through MS-900 exam. In order to ensure you meet the requirements of the exam, this post brings you the details of the test and how you can prepare to pass it click here .


What’s New in Microsoft’s Certification Program?

Towards the end of 2018, Microsoft brought in new exams and credentials to complement the existing technology-based program that includes MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD badges. Some of them were retired, while the rest are still valid and can be obtained, for example, MCSA: Windows Server 2016, MCSA: BI Reporting, MCSE: Core Infrastructure, to mention a few. The intention was to ensure professionals acquire role-focused knowledge and skills, as opposed to getting mainly knowledge about products as it was previously.

With these changes came three new levels of certifications in this track, also with roles specific to each credential. These are the new Microsoft certification levels you now going to find in the qualifying program:

  • Fundamentals
  • Associate, and
  • Expert

Inside different levels, you’ll come across roles such as administrator, solutions architect, AI engineer, DevOps engineer, developer, or functional consultant, among others.

As for the Microsoft MS-900 exam, it belongs to the Fundamentals category. This implies that the test enables you to become a professional certified in Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals. Generally speaking, this type of credentials is intended for beginners interested in advancing their basic IT knowledge.


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Preparing for Microsoft MS-900 Exam: Steps to Take

Becoming a certified specialist requires topmost attention from you. You need to understand what it takes to master the skills as well as the knowledge specific to your area of specialization. As a candidate beginning their journey towards becoming an expert in cloud computing, getting to know what you need to study matters a lot.

So, what exactly does it take to master the requirements of MS-900 exam? There are steps to follow that will ensure you understand the ins and outs of this test:

  1. The first one is finding out the exam details. Remember this is a foundation level exam where you’ll have to utilize the given 60 minutes to answer all types of questions expected in the test which may come in form of multiple choices, best answer, short answer, case studies, drag-and-drop, active screen, fill-in-the-blank, and review screen.
  2. Once you feel comfortable with the details, you can go straight to the topics. By the way, the results for the exam come either as a pass or as fail. To obtain a pass, hitting the minimum 700 points is a must, and there will be 1000 points in total. The other thing you must know beforehand is the $99 cost for the exam in the U.S.

So, it’s critical for you get to know which areas the exam questions might be set from. And this brings us to the objectives of this Microsoft exam, which are as follows:

  • Understanding of cloud concepts
  • Understanding of core services as well as concepts of Microsoft 365
  • Understanding Microsoft 365-based privacy, security, compliance, and trust
  • Understanding pricing as well as support for Microsoft 365
  1. These objectives or skills measured for the exam are intended to guide you during your studies. So, you’ll have to obtain study resources that will give you the exact materials the test is likely to test you on. These resources include exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals study guide, training courses, and practice tests. Here’s is a breakdown of exam prep resources you can make use of to attain the minimum mark and above:
  • Paid Instructor-Led MS-900 Training Course by Microsoft
  • Free Online Course in Microsoft 365 Fundamentals from the vendor
  • Exam-Labs Materials: MS-900 Practice Tests and MS-900 Video Course
  • Exam Ref MS-900 Study Guide from Amazon
  1. Once you have carefully selected the study sources you believe will work best for you, it’s now time to plan how to study. Failing to plan for your preparation may make you fail in the test, so you’ll need a schedule to help you focus on. This schedule should include a breakdown of the topics to study and when to work on each one of them. It’s important for you to adhere to the plan you create, otherwise, it wouldn’t be helpful to you.
  2. Remember, total concentration is essential. Don’t let gadgets, people, or any kind of distraction take away your attention from what you’re doing. That’s why it’s advisable to study in a quiet place where you’re less likely to be distracted.
  3. Another important thing to consider as you revise is to keep checking your level of understanding. Reading text or watching videos alone may not be sufficient. This means you need to assess your readiness for the test or how much exam material you’ve so far absorbed. This is best done using practice tests for the Microsoft MS-900 exam.

These extremely reliable files also called exam dumps include the most actual and updated questions and answers for this specific exam aiming to help you understand which areas you’ve mastered and which ones still require you to polish up. The Exam-Labs website has a well laid-out plan through their exam dumps to lead you through this phase.

Ensure you get their indicated premium questions and answers for the test that were designed by qualified IT experts and included in MS-900 Premium Bundle together with a training course of 21 lectures, as well as their free exam dumps for Microsoft MS-900 downloaded by recent test passers. All these types of files are opened through the VCE Software, which gives you the real feeling of taking the exam.


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Concluding Word

Passing the Microsoft MS-900 exam lies largely on what you do during preparation. So, take your time to go through all the suggested resources if you want to get the test right. Reaching that level of being certified takes a journey that needs your total commitment.

As soon as you do it right, you make it possible for yourself to attain the desired mark thanks to exam dumps. And it’s not just about the marks you get, it’s also about how this will contribute towards getting the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals badge, as well as your career now and in the future.

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