How to get Slovenian passport easily with the help of Public Investments Solutions?

How to get Slovenian passport easily with the help of Public Investments Solutions?

European Union appears to be one of the greatest places for living. A lot of people around the world decide to relocate to the EU because of high level of education, beneficial work opportunities, peaceful place for living, etc. To make immigration way easier many applicants prefer asking for the lawyers’ help.

slovenian passport

Public Investments Solutions is considered to be one of the most popular assistants amongst immigrants all over the world. The exact help of the company, and real customers’ reviews you will find below.

Ways of getting a Slovenian passport

Immigration demands from people a thorough preparation of documents for living in the country on a legal basis. To live in the country as a resident, you can apply for a residence permit, permanent residence permit and eventually obtain European citizenship. Some people crave for EU passport by naturalization or investment procedures, others – by repatriation. The immigration plan should be made in accordance with applicants’ goals.

Nowadays, getting Slovenian citizenship by repatriation is one of the most popular procedures (as it mentioned in the reviews of the immigrants). And the reasons for that are:

  • Fast immigration process (takes up to 4 months);

  • Easy submission of the documents (procedure can be done by the lawyers);

  • No demands for a great knowledge in history, culture or language of the country of registration.

Advantages of working with PIS

PIS has been helping people to obtain their European rights since 2016. A lot of immigrants all around the world consider the company to be a trusted consultant which will definitely help you to get your EU documents. The lawyers of Public Investments Solutions are responsible for the documents’ preparation, and managing of all the procedures.

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You should know, that you can start registration procedure just on your own. However, the issues which can appear during the registration process require extensive knowledge in international migration field. People should collect the documents in a right way, translate and notarize them, submit the papers to the authorized bodies when it is needed, and pass the oath-taking ceremony following all the rules. If you are sure, that you can deal with all that stuff without great efforts from your side, you can start your registration without any help.

Nevertheless, if you have no solid knowledge in European law or experience in dealing with bureaucracy, you should ask for the lawyers’ help.

Pros of cooperation with Public Investments Solutions according to the client’s reviews:

  • Experts translate immigrants’ documents;

  • Lawyers prepare all the client’s papers and submit them to Upravna Enota;

  • Company manages all the stages of immigration procedure;

  • Experts are responsible for the communication with government servant.

Cons of working with

  • Only possible kind of consultation is online;

  • To start cooperation with the lawyers, each of the potential clients should translate their papers (in case they come from the country with the specific language, for example, Arabic, Chinese, etc).

Do the immigrants need support of Real reviews of their clients

To get full information about company’s assistance, everybody should learn the reviews of the PIS’s clients. A lot of the immigrants point out, that Public Investments Solutions works following the agreement and European legislation. Company shows, that every expert of its team is confident in his/her actions, and can definitely provide the client with the best assistance.

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Reviews from the clients show, that Public Investments Solutions offers each of the applicants professional consultations, and well-planned immigration strategy. Having analyzed the statistics, we can conclude, that almost all the customers of the company got their European passport. A small percentage of them was not serious enough while immigration procedure, and able to pass the oath-taking ceremony or they presented invalid papers to the lawyers of Public Investments Solutions.

If you want your procedure of obtaining EU passport to be successful, you should be serious about your request, and follow all the pieces of advice which the Public Investments Solutions ask for, as it is mentioned in the reviews.


Summarizing information, mentioned above, we can conclude, that Public Investments Solutions is one of the most trusted immigration assistants. In comparison with its competitors, company presents much more assistance during the registration process (and the reviews on the Internet proves that fact). A lot of the immigrants relied on the experts of PIS because of the high chance to succeed. Reviews from the clients point out reliability of the company, its professionalism, and prove the solid knowledge of each of the lawyers.

If you consider obtaining a European Union passport, rest assured that Public Investments Solutions will give you the best support in achieving your goal.

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