Rackonnect- How sports and technology is the way of the future.

Technology has been very useful in all spheres of life. It is always evolving and bringing new positive changes. These changes are for the better and make our daily lives easier.
Sports on the other hand is an important aspect in life too. Sports doesn’t just keep us fit and healthy, it also brings us together. It shows us what unity is all about.

The world of sports is changing constantly over the years. The use of technology has increased in sports over time. Technology has made a huge impact on sports in the modern day.
Technology has created some controversies but it mainly has contributed to solving a lot of problems and making things easier for a lot of people too.

Over the years with the advancement of technology, many softwares and systems have been created to help carry out matches, formulate schedules and even keep scores. The new hawk-eye system is one amazing achievement in the field of technology. The hawk-eye is a camera based system which will tell you where your ball/shuttlecock landed in a situation where the linesmen were to give a doubtful call. The hawk eye is one of the reasons why many players get a right call even if the linesmen says otherwise. In sports like cricket technology has revolutionized the game through advancements such as the DRS system, aiming to reduce the slightest of human errors.

Numerous computer softwares have been made to keep data in place, which makes it easier for professionals to analyse and give valuable feedback.
Even wearable technology has done wonders in the field of sports. Wearable technology has been trending for a few years and is used widely by all sort of athletes. 
It helps sportsmen in a lot of different ways like measuring our heart-rate, having the functions of a pedometer, containing stopwatch functions, telling us the calories we burned and much more.

Athletes love reaping the benefits of technology in sports. So why just stop there.
By creating a huge platform, what Rackonnect is trying to do is helping racket sports players use technology to solve all possible problems they are facing.

These days, players who are talented and passionate have nowhere to go and play. They even may find it hard to meet people who play at a similar level as them. This can be very discouraging for a lot of players, and they may eventually give up playing their favourite sport due to these deterrents. 
There may be a situation where players from other cities need to shift bases due to work and aren’t able to find any venue to play with.
But all this has now been solved by technology.

 In sports community building, motivating each other and entering into competitions can help you boost your game and keep you interested throughout. Thanks to technology you do not need to worry about not being able to do the above.
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