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What is RDP? RDP is the remote desktop protocol that is made to manage the different computers remotely and it was built by Microsoft. In today’s discussion we will elaborate the complete overview of the RDP, what is it? How to use it? And from where you can buy it at the cheapest price with high specifications. 
RDP is abbreviated as the remote desktop control protocol that is designed by Microsoft to control the computers remotely. Through RDP you can access different computers from any country or from any place from your computer by using this technology
. This technology is accessible in all the versions of Microsoft windows like Window 7, 8, 10 and vista bit. You can easily find it on your computer by just typing the “remote desktop” in your start menu.
When you are using this feature more than one user can use one computer just like a company’s server with data. When you are using that server you and other employees  access that data by RDP sessions. Remote desktop service is an advanced level of control in which multiple users can control the remote computer but in simple Remote desktop protocol no more than three users can access it at the same time. However when you use the remote desktop feature by microsoft then more than three or any number of users can access and connect to the Remote desktop protocol computer. But let me elaborate one thing here this service is free for 120 days only then after you need to buy a premium package for further use of this feature.

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How Can I connect Windows RDP?

Let me guide you the way through which you can use this feature in your computer very easily and you can connect your windows remote desktop protocol from any computer or operating system by following simple steps.

  • Let me guide you in the window. 10 features you simply go to your cortana in the start menu.
  • Now in the Cortana search box you need to type “ Remote Desktop connection” and you will find the feature, you just need to click on that.
  • After when you click on the feature a windows popup will open in front of you with a typing dialogue box. You have to enter the name and IP address of the remote computer RDP and click on the button connect.
  • Now after you click on the connect button there is a new popup window open where it will ask you about the user name and password of your remote computer, put it into there and click on Ok button.
  • That’s it you have done it now your windows RDP is connected and you can use your Windows RDP from your personal computer.

How can you enable your Remote Desktop in Windows?

The remote desktop protocol is not enabled by default; you need to activate it when you install windows server on your server computer and enable it manually. So, we will guide you on how to enable your remote desktop control protocol in windows.
Let me tell you the most essential feature of the windows server 2019 if you have that then there is no need to to do anything manually because all of its features are activated by default in windows version.
So, let me guide you the way through which you can easily enable Windows server 2019 in your windows. Here are the full instructions you just need to follow them.

  1. In the very first step go to your start menu and click on the icon of the server manager. If you don’t find it by default you just need to type in your search bar keyword “server manager”.
  2. Now you are on the Dashboard of your server manager and now click on the local server option.
  3. Now there is the new box with option you just need to click on the option of “Allow remote connection to this computer” now click on the Apply now button and then Ok.
  4. Now in the server management options you will find the option “Remote Desk: Enabled, it means you have all set and you can connect your server remotely by this computer.
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Where I can Buy Cheap RDP?

You can easily find and buy cheap (RDP) Remote desktop protocol service providers. There are a number of sellers and resellers that are providing this service at very fair prices. 

Final Verdict

Remote desktop protocol is usually made to control different computers from a single computer. We have described the most easiest and professional way to connect different computers by using a windows server. I hope our guide will help you best to get access to this feature.
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