Rise of the Indian Social Media “INSCUBE”

India gets its own social media!
Yes, INSCUBE (Hamara Social Media/Namma Ooru Social Media) was launched last week (April 14) and is currently trending across India…
“INSCUBE is the world’s first ALTERNATE MEDIA where anyone can create their own social media” under various categories starting from universities to entertainment! INSCUBE was founded by Indian entrepreneurs across the world with the aim of creating an alternate media to the world, which is the need of the moment. A unique concept blended with a simple design attracts us in the first blick.
INSCUBE is a community-based app where one can discover like-minded communities around us or join our existing communities (termed as CUBEs) with the option of creating our own social media community in it! Currently, it has more than 15 categories in the DISCOVER section.
Here’s the app:

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