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Scaleway launches managed Kubernetes clusters

Cloud hosting company Scaleway has launched Kubernetes Kapsule, a new service that lets you manage Kubernetes clusters on Scaleway’s infrastructure. The service works with a wide-range of Scaleway instances and lets you create large clusters that scales depending on demand.

Kubernetes is an open-source platform to manage containers and the server infrastructure behind those containers. Building an application using containers lets you divide your application into multiple applications and services that you can deploy and upgrade individually without interacting with the main operating system of the server.
And thanks to Kubernetes, you can spin up more nodes (more servers) and containers to scale your infrastructure. This way, you always have enough resources to handle peaks. It can also scale down your cluster to save money.
Scaleway’s managed Kubernetes service is free of charge, which means you only have to pay for nodes that you use. Scaleway scales your cluster, checks that your nodes are working as expected every 15 minutes and gives you a web dashboard to monitor your cluster.
The company also says that there’s some redundancy for the control plane so that it remains available if your control plane fails (99.95% SLA). It supports 500 nodes at a time.
Kapsule supports Scaleway’s cloud instances, GPU-based instances, block storage and load balancers. The company also provides a container registry to store your container images. You could imagine building a cluster that looks like this:
Kapsule respects the Cloud Native Computing Foundation standards, which means that you can migrate existing CNCF clusters to Scaleway, or you could build a multi-cloud infrastructure.
A managed Kubernetes service could help Scaleway attract more enterprise and large-scale clients. It could be particularly useful for clients looking for another cloud hosting provider to add some redundancy.
Source: TechCrunch



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