Snapchat now has cat lenses. (Yes, for your cat.)

It’s 8:00 PM on Friday night and you’re home alone and already drunk. Oh, is that just me? Well no matter. Snapchat has made lenses for your cat now. Yes, that’s right. Your cat! This is what the internet is made for, friends. Not all that fake news and trolling. Not having to read tweets where people use words like “woke” unironically. Cat lenses! 

So technically, I guess, Snapchat added the ability to recognize things in your photos last November, like food, sports, and even pets, then suggest appropriate filters – like a sticker that says “IT’S A PAWTY” above a photo of a dog.
But now you can put a set of matching glasses on yourself and your cat.
Or give you and your cat rainbow unicorn horns.
Or give Mr. Fluffypants some big ol’ googley eyes.
Or put a piece of toast over his face, which makes him look even less amused than usual.
What the actual f***
You can even give you and kitty big, fat lips as you kissy face the camera.
You can be the angel, while the cat gets devil horns and wings, as is – of course, appropriate.
I mean, this may or may not solve Snap’s long list of problems, like its rushed redesign, the mess that’s Snapchat Discover, its inability to attract adult users, falling share price, and ooooh, all that money it’s bleeding. ($353M last quarter!)
And that Saudi money, don’t forget that! (No, seriously, don’t.)
But I mean, c’mon. C’MON. 
Internet, we deserve this.
This is what 2018 needs.
Cat lenses.
Cat lenses to make everything better.
Cat lenses, and this here drink.
Source: TechCrunch
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