Solar Power Lot Lights- How To Save Both Kind Of Green

Public lot lighting can be an interesting thing; after all, we typically don’t think about it until it’s gone. The biggest downside to lighting outdoors is that it tends to be extremely expensive. Just 5 street lights can cost about 15 thousand dollars, and that’s not the entire bill, either. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce costs on lighting for parking lots, and it’s through a growing convention in parking lot lighting: solar.

How Solar Parking Lot Lights Save You Money

You read right, solar-powered lighting is becoming a norm world-wide! It’s applicable for parking lots, streets, pathways, roadways, parks, and even construction sites where temporary lighting is needed. This kind of lighting isn’t meant just to “go green” as it’s often said–it’s used to save money, and I mean in the several thousands depending on the size of the project.


It’s through the nature of the light itself. Solar lighting for parking lots can be installed into pedestals on top of pavement, so there’s no labor cost to trench for wires. The power is pulled through the photovoltaic cells at the top of the pole and then routed to the battery, where the light fixture draws power from.

So, instead of dropping potentially several thousands of dollars on lights just to connect grid power, you’re saving that money to use however you want.

How much can you possibly save?

An average light system consists of ten lights with an average trenching/wiring cost of 3,000 per light. So you can potentially drop 30,000 dollars on a lighting system just for the trenching alone.

Or, you can save all of that money and choose solar. Your individual light prices will be higher, but the overall bill will justify those costs.

Plus, I’m happy to inform that solar lighting won’t cost you a cent in energy bills. It’s free power. Let the sun do its work while you save your greenbacks to celebrate smart decisions for the environment and your wallet.

Additional Solar Power Light Benefits

Independent Power and Extreme Resilience

What’s more is that each light is independent, meaning during a power outage the lights will remain on. During a natural disaster where power outages happen frequently, solar lights will remain on if the power infrastructure is damaged.

We’ve received reports of several solar lights still standing after devastating storms. It’s a fact that the poles used for solar lighting can withstand winds up to 145 miles per hour.

The hot-dipped, powder-coated, galvanized steel poles used for the solar lights are designed to stand through high winds, heavy rain, extreme heat, earthquakes, and kicks from people that think they’re able to take them down.

In short, these lights are built for anything.

Aesthetics and Technology Combines

Nobody enjoys ugly lighting fixtures or awkward-looking, techy additions. The good thing about solar lights is that they combine natural-looking fixtures with solar tech.

So, if you’re worried about buying lights that clash with the local environment or landscape, don’t fret. Fixtures are available to add to the decor of a place instead of clash against it.

Additionally, the solar panels tend to draw a little positive attention. You’ll find that media outlets and reporters tend to love writing stories regarding green energy installations. Solar lighting is no stranger to that.

So if you want to invest in something that gives your business or city attention, both in an aesthetically pleasing way and a “hey, that’s really cool” way, solar is up your alley.

Lighting of the Future

In a nutshell, solar lighting offers

  • A cheaper overall price

  • Incredibly clean, uninterruptible, and independent power

  • A unique, aesthetic look

We’re trending towards a cheaper, more energy-efficient future when we harness solar power. Each day that goes by, more research goes into developing better technology that pushes our capability beyond what we originally thought we couldn’t reach.

Greenshine New Energy is proud to be on the front lines of renewable energy that saves you money and helps us all breathe a little better. With over 30 years of combined experience under one roof in Lake Forest, California, USA, we’re happy to provide you with your next lighting solution. Thanks for reading.

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