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So what happens when you’re in an Entrepreneurship lecture in your MBA class and every student in your class has a business idea and you don’t? Well, you think hard to get an innovative idea yourself! That’s what happened to Mehul Jain, Founder of Startup Fraternity.

It was a usual day when, in his Entrepreneurship lecture at Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies, he realized that everyone in his class had wonderful ideas, but no one had the domain expertise to actually execute their idea and start their own business! For real! His eureka moment was what sparked his own business plan. Mehul, along with Co-Founder Himakshi Chhabria created the foundation for Startup Fraternity.

Startup Fraternity (SF) is a platform that helps entrepreneurs collaborate with people who have domain expertise, work with them and create products and services that benefit consumers. That’s not it! Startup Fraternity also helps entrepreneurs find investors that are a good fit for their startup. The founders made sure all startup needs of an entrepreneur are catered to, under a single roof. The Discussion Forum, helps entrepreneurs communicate and network with other entrepreneurs and share experiences and learnings, thus creating a Fraternity of entrepreneurs and startups. It creates a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs and domain experts help each other and combine their resources and skills and strive together towards success.

What’s more? Startup Fraternity also has a mechanism to assert the feasibility of a startup idea. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this and check what they can do right, to get one step closer to success.

There’s some things in it for Bloggers too! On the blog page of Startup Fraternity, entrepreneurs, bloggers, domain experts, and investors/ mentors can unleash their writing skills and share their knowledge on themes and topics that interest them and share it with all other members of the fraternity.

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The fast paced and always connected world ensures there are plenty of distractions for entrepreneurs. To keep up with this ever distracting environment, the founders decided to help entrepreneurs stay motivated and inspired by their ‘Inspiration at SF’ page where the founders hand pick and create content that will motivate and inspire entrepreneurs. The founders will also post short video interviews of industry experts that have established themselves as top managers in organisations and have startups that have made their mark in their respective industries. The ‘Inspiration at SF’ page encourages entrepreneurs through their journey of starting a startup, and taking it through the various phases of roadblocks, failures, confusion, and ambiguity, and still working smart instead of working hard to tackle such situations and driving their business towards success.

Startup Fraternity aims at empowering entrepreneurs to face the barriers that starting up comes with and embolden every individual with an idea or the knowledge to give one shot to what they think has a potential market ahead.

The intention behind Startup Fraternity is to create more employers rather than employees.

Mehul Jain


Startup Fraternity

+91 8169901730

Himakshi Chhabria


Startup Fraternity

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