Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is anime and a live service

Nintendo launches the next Super Smash Bros. game next month. To get prepared for one of the most anticipated Switch games, the publisher held one of its Nintendo Direct video events today. During that presentation, it revealed the final fighters who will launch with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its downloadable content plans. Nintendo also announced what we’ve always known was true deep down: Smash Bros. is anime.
The 40-minute Direct got into all the details of Nintendo’s beloved platform fighter. It started off by showing the two characters that round out the game’s roster — Ken from Street Fighter and Incineroar from Pokémon. The company then went on to detail new game modes and more. The event ended with a teaser of the game’s single-player adventure called World of Light. You can watch that trailer by clicking play above.
In World of Light, a mysterious force is stealing the bodies of gaming’s heroes and villains. And the only survivor, according to the trailer, is Kirby. All of this happens over an inspirational song that sounds like the opening credits for every show on Crunchyroll.
Nintendo is keeping many of the details of World of Light a secret. Here’s how it put it in its press release:

There may not be a single-player adventure quite like Adventure Mode: Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but something has caused the numerous video game characters in the game to lose their bodies and transform into spirits. While today’s Nintendo Direct video provides some sneak peeks, Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros. series, wants to keep parts of this new adventure mode secret until the game launches.

Ongoing DLC plans

Nintendo has embraced downloadable content, but the company has recently talked about its need for more add-ons in the future. During a meeting with shareholders on Tuesday, Nintendo chief executive officer Shuntaro Furukawa said this is something the publisher has to do.
“We need continuous growth,” said Furukawa. “We must keep releasing new software. That includes DLC and other content for big titles that are already out.”
This also includes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well. While the game is launching with 74 fighters, Nintendo is promising to release new ones through at least February 2020. You can purchase these characters one at a time in packs for $6 each. That comes with a stage and new music as well. Or you can commit to purchasing all of them with the Fighters Pass for $25.
Nintendo is also planning to launch a downloadable fighter for free to anyone who purchases the game early. If you purchase a digital version or register a physical version before January 31, you will get the new Piranha Plant fighter at no additional cost.

A feature-rich package

On top of the new fighters, the adventure, and the DLC, Nintendo also provided information on a lengthy list of other elements and features.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature a spirit system where you can collect and level up disembodied video game characters. These spirits work a lot like equipping charms in a role-playing game.
Nintendo also revealed new Amiibo — including Ridley, King K. Rool, and more — that launch over the next year. The game is also getting a two-player cooperative mode, a pre-baked messaging system, and a spectator mode.
Ultimate seems like the biggest Super Smash Bros. game ever. And if Nintendo delivers on the core gameplay, it could also turn into the most successful.
Source: VentureBeat
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