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8 Tips to Maintain Bike in Good condition and Good Health

Most people in India use bikes as a mode of transport. While it is just a way to commute, for some, it is a passion for others. Regardless of the purpose of owning a bike, a well-maintained one will always be more efficient and give a high-quality performance.

Here are a few tips to ensure you give the best care for your bike!How to take care of your bike - Reid ®

Cleaning the Surface

The surface of the vehicle must be cleaned often to maintain it well. Remember to cover the ignition switch unit, H.T Coil, and silencer with plastic sheets before beginning to clean. Do not expose your bike to direct sunlight as it will dull the bike’s shimmer and appearance.

Engine Oil

The important part about maintaining a vehicle is to maintain it well inside and out. It is not enough if the bike looks shiny and new. The engine oil in a bike needs to be changed at regular intervals to ensure that the engine is in top condition. It is also important to check for any leakages. If one does not change the engine oil frequently, the engine would get damaged.

Air Filter

The pollution level in India is very high and with these conditions, the air filter could clog up often. Always clean the air filter at recommended intervals according to the dust levels in the place you stay.

Follow the Bike Manual

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One common mistake that everyone does is avoiding reading the manual which is an integral part of maintaining the vehicle. This manual contains important details about the best fuel to use, the correct air pressure to maintain, the best oil type, service procedures, etc. As a bike owner, it is important to read the manual completely and follow what is given in the manual for good maintenance.

Regular Service

Servicing a vehicle is like getting a health check-up done. Some parts are replaced, some are repaired, and the entire vehicle is inspected. If you want a long life for your vehicle and yourself and do not want to face any mechanical issue with your bike, make sure to service it regularly.

Lubricate Chain Links

Some parts of the vehicle like the chain links need lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment. One can apply paraffin to the chain to clean thoroughly. Instead of using water to clean one can use a piece of cloth or brush to avoid the chain from rusting. It is crucial that the chain has proper tension and free play as any variation will not power the wheel smoothly.

Maintain Air Pressure

The bike manufacturer would have mentioned the right air pressure for the given vehicle in the manual book. One can follow that for a safe travel experience. Just like maintaining the tyre’s condition is important, maintaining the air pressure is also important. This can be done at gas/fuel stations and remember to change the tyres as suggested by the manufacturer.

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The last but most important tip is to buy insurance for your vehicle! Be it Third-party insurance, Comprehensive insurance, Own Damage insurance, or Zero Depreciation insurance, an insurance policy will come in handy in times of a crisis. Make sure you give your vehicle the best care and maintenance and buy insurance today! Click here to know more!



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