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The dread of the tax season is not a unique phenomenon to a few but is something that is felt the world over. The end of the financial year, along with its share of ups and downs, also brings the chaotic nightmare of correctly assessing all the income and expenditure of the past year and filing taxes. By no means an easy feat, this routine activity can have even the most confident person sweating bullets.

Abhishek Soni, a successful auditor in his own right, wasn’t necessarily plagued with this fear for himself but witnessed it across people. From his cab drivers that drove him to and fro his high-profile job at KPMG to even friends and relatives. The complications of loan deductions, investment adjustments and a host of other criteria had people approaching him non-stop.

While one can find a plethora of tax filing companies and professionals these days, they are often traditional in their approach. With income being generated from multiple sources, freelancers becoming a bigger portion of the tax paying lot and small businesses flourishing across industries, the tax filing system received a massive shake-up. A lot of old-fashioned companies were struggling to communicate effectively to people about their tax requirements leading to added confusion.

Additionally, juggling the loan deductions, different income sources and tax-benefit schemes while also effectively planning to save money, seemed like a task that required more than one firm or professional.

Seeing the chaos in this yearly obligation that only seemed to worsen each year with diverse portfolios, Abhishek soon had an inspirational moment where he decided to take this on at the grass-root level! The thought of leaving a cushy secure job didn’t necessarily go down well with his loved ones, but he was determined. He came up with the idea of Tax2win and got in touch with his colleague and friend from his CA intern days, Vertika Kedia, for the same.

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A CA with business in her veins, she jumped at the idea and the duo finally set-up the Jaipur-based tax filing company Tax2win in 2015 with Shishant Todi on board for all things technology. The start of the journey may have brought with it some ups and downs but the desperate need of the market and the expertise they provided didn’t go unnoticed. An investment house saw the company’s potential and invested a sum of one million helping them strengthen their base and grow steadily.

p align=”justify”>The motto for Tax2win is clear and concise – a firm that helps you file your taxes in a way that helps you win! Whether you are a freelancer, a salaried individual or a business, at Tax2win you are assured customised tax solutions that are geared to ensure maximum savings of your hard-earned money. No longer do you have to deal with complicated jargon, or visit multiple firms to solve every aspect of your financial dilemma as Tax2win does it all for you. With an employee base of almost 40 people, most of whom are CAs, this firm brings in the current understanding required by the new lot while ensuring expertise in their domain of income tax.

Further, for those that always wanted to be independent about their taxes and take a shot at the online portal, Tax2win can you help you out here as well. This innovative tax platform helps you file your own taxes or request a review by an expert after you’re done to verify that everything is in order. In addition, you can also hand over your statements to their experts and leave it to them to work every possible way to save you maximum money!

To track your income tax status or even refund status, you no longer have to waste time trying to get a hold of an accountant on the phone or send umpteen number of emails. Instead, simply put in your PAN details in the slot given on the website, and all your details will be visible in one click! At a time when taxes and technology have been poles apart, this initiative by the young firm has been nothing short of revolutionary and has many taxpayers breathing a sigh of relief.

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Recognised for the splendid work that they do, they earned a notable mention in the ‘Top 25 emerging startup of Asia’ and have helped tens of thousands of taxpayers file their taxes in an easy and effortless manner.

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