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Tech That is Transforming the Sports Industry

The sports industry is one that is always watched with the utmost scrutiny. Millions in funding is poured in each year and from that, some amazing changes are emerging. New tech is slowly transforming the sports industry as we know it, and it is fantastic to see.

New Diagnosis Tools

Athletes’ bodies are put through a lot. No matter what, they need to be kept in tip-top form. Though medical examinations are excellent, there can be things that are missed. Thanks to new developments in medical technology, there is a strong chance that these errors might in fact be picked up. They could be vital in protecting athletes and avoiding injuries that could either set them back or potentially even end their careers.

On top of this, a lot of research has gone into rehabilitation technologies. If someone has unfortunately been subject to an injury, their doctors and physiotherapists have a range of new techniques and new technologies they could draw on. This could speed up recovery and could see athletes return to what they do best on a better timeline than what they otherwise may face.

Virtual Sports

In addition to live sports, we are also seeing a massive influx in virtual sports. These are most prevalent at online sportsbooks like www.comeon.com/in. An AI is used to plot the outcome of a match or game of any sport you could think of with an unnerving degree of accuracy.

These virtual matches provide some quick and easy entertainment for those who may otherwise be waiting for other matches to start. They are resolved quickly and could be the perfect filler for anyone who still wants to engage with their favourite sport in the off-season. With a focus being placed on the meteoric rise of the cousin esports, we may soon see virtual sports receiving the same sort of treatment.


Though it can be controversial, the inclusion of the Video Assistant Referee has marked a distinct change in football and other sports. Critics say that it is ruining the spirit of the game; causing goals and other plays to be invalidated long after they have been celebrated. Others say that it is making the game fairer for all who play.

Wherever you sit in the debate, you cannot deny that the inclusion of VAR has had a marked effect on the game as a whole. The decision to include it in the World Cups for both men and women, and the decision to bring it to other sports, is a key moment in the inclusion of digital tech in the sporting arena.

These are just three areas of tech that are seeing much more use in the sporting world. It is clear that tech is making a good impact and changing much about how the sports industry functions. It will be exciting to find out what other changes will be emerging in the near future. If you have interests in both these areas, keep an eye out for any new announcements that could shake things up again!

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