How Technologies Like RFID Can Help You Automate Your Business More Efficiently

RFID has evolved as a newest technological revolution to transmit, receive and store information without much hassle. It requires least of equipment and is extremely easy in its working procedure. Now a days almost all industry vertical large & small scale companies in manufacturing, retails, schools, colleges, hospitals, departmental stores, warehouses and even toll bridges uses RFID technology to enhance their process management.
Why RFID has proven itself to be a excellent technology is because
· RFID Technology solution is considered to be most secured system, which cannot be duplicated.
· RFID does not require line of sight for scanning. This is just opposite to the barcodes where the scanners needed to see the label before getting information. But RFID tags could read the information from any orientation.
· RFID speeds up the scanning process as the reader could read multiple tags at the same time.
· RFID also lessens the labor costs considerably. You could use this for all inventory check-ins, inventory counts, time schedules and transit verification etc, for which you need multiple employees to function.
· Along with faster scanning, you could also acquire real-time updates to improve the visibility of inventory.
· RFID tags could hold large amounts of various kinds of data, which could be easily read even at remote locations too.
· RFID tags are more durable than the barcodes, as barcodes always have chances of getting faded. You could now get RFID codes that are waterproof and chemical-proof too.
· RFID has a long reading range.
At AOPL (AOPL.TECH) we run strong practices in RFID Technology domain. With Industry leaders Such as Tata Motors, Bajaj, Dena Bank, Biocon (Syngene), Bosch, TCS, SMART City Projects, Coimbatore City Municipality, Tamilnadu Govt Central libraries, etc. We have been successfully able to create milestones in industrial automations through RFID & NFC Solutions.
Registered in Bangalore we are one of the largest range of Solution provider company offering solutions to industry leaders from various market verticals.
Some Major Segments Where RFID Has proven a remarkable technology are
Smart Supply Chain Mgmt: From in sourcing of raw material to shipping and tracking a product once it is delivered can be tracked with cheap RFiD readers and tags to get more real time inventory update.
Catching Violators of Traffic rules: If there a particular traffic rule such as odd and even recently launched in Delhi, India or other cities – RFiD readers installed on traffic lights with a mandate of a RFiD tag on every car (car registration no is stored in the tag) can be used to effectively an cheaply catch the violators.
Smart Shopping Experience: Putting RFID tags on products which are sitting on the isle in a brick and mortar store. People can scan the product and directly add to the cart where the product is billed in real time.
Express Toll Lanes: To reduce the congestion at toll collection points and to create fast express toll collection lane – RFiD tag on the cars windshield with the RFiD reader installed on the boom barrier can play a important role to automate toll collection. | | |

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