The best dating services for sports lovers

Common interests are the key to a strong romantic relationship. And sport is often one of those interests. Today we want to take a look at how sports fans meet today, which online services are most suitable for them, and why many professional sportspeople are lonely.

Interesting fact: In 2010, researchers named tennis the “loneliest” sport. The player is all alone on their side of the court, the opponent is 20 meters away, and even talking to their coach during the game is forbidden. And in tennis, according to the rules, you cannot express anger or disappointment — curse, throw a racket, make obscene hand gestures, and so on. The player is in a complete vacuum.

Why are sportspeople lonely?

Let’s make a qualification right away that we are now talking primarily about professional sportspeople, for whom sport is the meaning of life and their main source of income. If you are one of these people or if there are professional sportspeople among your acquaintances, you know that there’s usually neither time nor energy left for personal life. Exhausting workouts take all the strength. What kind of acquaintances and dates could even be possible?

It’s a  little easier for amateur sportspeople. They tend to have more free time and energy, and yes, like-minded people — at the same amateur level  — are much easier for them to find. Let’s take runners as an example. If you are an amateur, you can easily find a jogging club in the city and can join it to run with like-minded runners, and meet and communicate with new people. But if you are a pro, then your companion will be a coach. And in that club of amateur runners you simply won’t have anything to do.

Many people do believe that team sports help to cope with loneliness. But that’s not really the case. The fact is that in this situation a person, although not alone, is constantly in the same circle of friends. And this sometimes exhausts them more than loneliness. Plus, do not forget that due to grueling training and difficult competitions, sportspeople in a team are often emotionally and physically overwhelmed. Friendly communication is usually very conditional.

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Looking for a suitable dating service for sportspeople

Of course, you can go the most obvious route and sign up for Tinder, Badoo, or Bumble. These are very popular platforms with a huge audience. But this is also their main disadvantage. The audience here is extremely diverse, and it can be very difficult to find like-minded sportspeople at the same skill level here. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to more niche dating services.


A dating service for sportspeople, which in 2019 Cosmopolitan magazine called “the new No. 1 dating app.” And Women’s Health magazine called it “the place to start a healthy relationship.” Technically, the Datefit app resembles its classic counterparts, but the main focus here is on sports. The application has an activity feed where users share photos and videos of their workouts and achievements. In addition, Datefit takes into account your location, allowing you to find other athletes nearby for training, communication and simply having fun. And here you can immediately indicate your goal — friendship or relationship. This saves time and increases the chances of a successful match.


This is a dating app for fitness lovers where you can search for other single active people who want to make new acquaintances. Fitafy helps you find people based on shared health and fitness goals. In your profile, in addition to basic information about yourself, you can add fitness interests, dietary habits, data about your activities, location, and more. If you’re looking to meet new people who share your interests, and you dream of having a relationship with a like-minded person, Fitafy might be the perfect fit for you.

Fitness Singles

The Fitness Singles developers position their service as one of the largest dating sites for athletes — from amateurs to professionals. They call Fitness Singles a one-stop space to find like-minded people with the same sports interests — running, cycling, hiking, equestrianism, yoga and more (over a hundred destinations). Otherwise, this is quite a classic dating site with features familiar to most.

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Happn can’t specifically be called a dating app for sportspeople. But there is one very useful feature here — an alert when one of the other participants is nearby. For example, you go for a run every morning and you don’t even realize that your perfect match runs nearby every day. Or maybe this person cycles past your house every day and you don’t see them. Happn will help you meet!

Coffee Meets Bagel

This application also can’t be exclusively called a platform for dating sportspeople. But here there is an interesting nuance. Not so long ago, the developers of the application launched the CMB Experience, a platform for bringing single people together at various offline events, including sports. So if you want to move your communication from online to offline as soon as possible, Coffee Meets Bagel might be for you.

Alternative dating sites for sportspeople

Not all sporty people, for one reason or another, are ready to use classic dating sites and apps. Many simply do not want to spend their time registering, filling out a profile, learning all the functions and so on. For them, there is a great alternative — video chats.

A prime example of video chat is Omegle. This site has been operating since 2009 and has gathered a large audience during this time. You do not need to register, or fill out profile data. A few clicks and you are already communicating with a new person via video. At the same time, here you can specify a list of your sports interests so that the system more accurately selects a match for you. It’s convenient and fast — try it!

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For those who are looking for a decent alternative to Omegle chat, we can recommend Emeraldchat, OmeTV, Bazoocam and Omegle TV. There are more search settings, better moderation and generally a better service. Plus, many Omegle alternatives now offer a gender filter that this video chat still doesn’t have.

There are a lot of dating options for sportspeople

Above we said that sports can be a complicating factor for new acquaintances. However, with the right approach, everything can be the opposite. If you do not passively wait for a meeting with your soulmate, but take the initiative, then you can easily find a person who shares your sports interests. And believe us, it can happen faster than you expect.

You can use the dating services listed above or find another alternative for yourself. Remember that there are more than eight thousand dating sites and applications in the world today. And this number is only increasing every year. This means that the chances of meeting your love on the web are also increasing.

On our part, we wish you only interesting meetings and matches on the Internet, bright sporting achievements and brilliant victories. Sport shouldn’t be lonely. Sport is a mass of new opportunities for each of us. Take advantage of these opportunities and your life will change forever!

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