The guide of an e-mail marketing

Email marketing is recognised as the most cost-effective and profitable form of direct marketing, with over £35 return on investment for every £1 you spend. With the knowledge on how to build an email list, you can easily use an email campaign to achieve success and profitability.

What is e-mail marketing and where is it used for?

What is email marketing and where is it used for? An email marketing campaign is an effective way of getting new contacts, and keeping in touch with your current customers.

Email advertising concentrates on promoting special offers, launching new products, or the content you create. Such emails have a call-to-action button, which takes the receiver to your landing page, or to the coupon with a discount. An email ad should be sent repeatedly in busy periods, for example on Black Friday, even a few times within 24-hours, while less often in the rest of the time.

Email marketing for small business is a perfect way of informing customers about special offers, new releases, or changes. It can also be used to share important information with all clients at the same time:

An email ad may be used as a reminder to customers who haven’t been active recently, then it should contain an incentive such as a discount or a product for free.

How to grow your e-mail list?

Are you curious how to create an email newsletter and how to grow your email list?  Using e-commerce email marketing you have to build a list of your subscribers, who have agreed to receive regular newsletters from you. The subscription form must be clear about the rules – what kind of content and how often it will be sent. Never buy email lists as in many countries around the world it’s illegal, but rather go for double opt-in.

The signup process should be double opt-in. Single opt-in adds the subscriber to the email list after submitting the signup form. Double opt-in requires the new subscriber to click the link to complete the subscription.

How to grow your email list for marketing?

  1. Create engaging email content.
  2. Ask subscribers to share your emails.
  3. Divide the subscribers into categories (likes, interests, job).
  4. Use email marketing agency service. An email marketing company can do the job for you.
  5. Ask website visitors for feedback.

Benefits of running e-mail campaign for your business

The benefits of running an e-mail campaign for your business are pretty obvious. Email advertising is targeted and personalised content that builds your credibility. It raises customers’ brand awareness, building stronger customer relationships. An email marketing campaign boosts sales, with optimised time and budget at the same time. It helps to increase traffic to your website:

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