The Indian government will spend an average of Rs 1200 on a citizen through the relief package, the US government will spend an average of Rs 4.55 lakh on a citizen from the package

  • The Government of India gave a package of 1.7 lakh crores due to Coronavirus
  • A day ago, the US released a relief package of 151 lakh crores rupees
  • India’s package is just 1.1% compared to the US relief package


The country is currently under lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday announced a relief package of Rs 1.70 lakh crore to help the poor and weaker sections. Through this, food will be arranged for the poor. Money will also be transferred to the accounts of the needy through DBT. Earlier, many countries including America, Britain, France have also issued relief packages.

The Indian government will spend an average of around Rs 1200 on a citizen through this package. The package comes a day after the US relief package. On Wednesday, the US Parliament Senate issued a relief package of $ 2 trillion (151 lakh crore rupees) for about 300 million people in the country amid the Corona crisis. Through this, the Trump government will spend an average of 4.55 lakh on a citizen. It is the largest relief package in American history. Not only this, it is also the largest relief package issued by any country in the world. It also saw its impact, on Wednesday, the American stock market Dow Jones also recorded the biggest boom of 1929. However, the relief package of the Indian government is nowhere compared to the US.

The US relief package is the largest in terms of funds (151 lakh crore rupees or 2 lakh crore dollars). At the same time, Qatar’s package becomes the largest if we look at the countries’ population and per capita help. Qatar, with a population of about 28 lakh, has released a package of 2300 million dollars. In this way, the package becomes $ 8214 per person (about 6.18 lakh rupees). This is followed by Germany (Rs 5.48 lakh). The European Union has issued a package of $ 82,000 million for member countries. Many countries in the EU, including France, have also given separate packages.

There may be more announcements in India

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the relief package released on Thursday will not be the last. The government may make announcements in the future to help companies and other financial institutions struggling with the crisis caused by coronaviruses. If this happens, India’s relief package will get bigger and the per capita help figure will also be better.

India’s relief package compared to America 

In rupee terms:

The Indian government’s relief package is only 1.1% of the US package.
The total economy of the US is $ 21.44 trillion. The Trump government released 2 trillion sums. This amount is 10.72% of the total economy.
The per capita income in India is $ 7,060, while the per capita income in the US is $ 60,200.
India’s total economy is $ 2.94 trillion. That is, India’s GDP is just $ 0.94 trillion more than the US relief package.

By population:

India has a population of 138 crores. The Modi government will spend around Rs 1,200 on an average on a citizen through relief packages.
America has a population of 33 million. The Trump government is spending an average of Rs 4.55 lakh on every citizen through the relief package.

Who will get relief from the Indian government package
80 crore poor people will be covered under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, 8.3 crore BPL families will get free LPG cylinder

The EPF will contribute both the share of the employee and the employer for 3 months. This will apply where there are less than 100 employees and 90% of the employees get less than 15 thousand salary. This will benefit 80 lakh laborers and 4 lakh organized units.

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For those who are supporting in the battle of Corona, the insurance cover of 50 lakhs will be provided by the government. These include ASHA workers, doctors, nurses and other medical staff. This will benefit 20 lakh medical staff.

80 crore poor people will be covered under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. In this, 5 kg of rice / wheat will be given free for the next three months. Apart from this, every family will get one kilo of pulses for free.
Farmers, MNREGA, Poor Widow-Pensioners-Divyang, Jan Dhan Yojna-Ujjwala Scheme, Self Help Group (Woman), Organized Sector Workers, Construction Workers will get the benefit of DBT.
The elderly, Divyang and widow will be given a lump sum of Rs 1000 in two installments. It will be given for the next three months.

An installment of 2000 rupees will be added to the account of 8.7 crore farmers in the first week of April, so that they can start benefiting immediately.

5 crore families get the benefit of MNREGA scheme. MGNREGA wages have now been increased from 182 to 202 rupees.

Through the Jan Dhan Yojana, Rs 500 will be transferred every month to the account of 20.5 crore women through DBT for the next 3 months.

About 8.3 BPL crore families will be given free LPG cylinders under the Ujjwala scheme for 3 months.

Who will get relief from America’s package
If the job is lost due to Corona, then the husband and wife will get $ 2400, each child will get $ 500

$ 25,000 million fund for people whose jobs have been lost due to coronavirus or whose employment has been affected. The government will send checks directly to such people.

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A person earning gross 75 thousand dollars or less will get the support of $ 1200. According to the current rates, this amount is close to 90 thousand in Indian rupees.

The couple earning $ 1,50,000 a year gross will receive $ 2400 support. With this Each child will get $ 500 separately.

35 thousand million dollars emergency loan fund for small companies of America, so that their business does not stop.

Funds of 25 thousand million dollars will be released as Employment Insurance Benefit.

Funds of 50 thousand million dollars will be given as loan to the companies in distress.

A special provision has been made in the deal. With this, President Donald Trump, no member of his family, no member of Congress will be able to get any loan or investment from the amount of this package.

If the job is lost due to Corona, then the husband and wife will get $ 2400, each child will get $ 500

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