The most exciting and valuable podcasts for everyone

The most interesting podcasts

The time of podcasts is finally here – the monthly reach of podcasts is projected to reach 20 million people in 2023 (twice as many as the year before) and increase to 30 million by 2024. Podcasts make it possible to learn something new and pump up knowledge in different spheres while doing other things simultaneously.

This year has seen another boom in podcasts. It is reported that over the last four months, podcasts have listened to 30% more frequently. Indeed, the quarantine affected this statistic, but it was not only a matter of listening; there were more podcasts themselves. Such podcasts tell you how to play Andar Bahar game, learn languages, and cook delicious food.

We studied the most popular podcasts and picked the most interesting ones. We were not guided by popularity – the rating includes new podcasts by established hosts and studios and projects by podcaster-freshmen.

Why podcasts are needed:

  1. For learning. Podcasts are an easy way to learn something new. If you listen to podcasts regularly, you can quickly pump up your knowledge in a particular area.
  2. For recreation. You can choose from various entertainment podcasts, from standups and talk shows to soap operas in audio format. There are also music podcasts. 


What is a podcast?

The word “podcast” was coined by Adam Kerry in the early 21st century. The name combines two words – “iPod” and “Broadcasting .”Why they decided to combine them – you’ll see below.

A podcast is an audio program that resembles an ordinary radio program, where a specific topic (about movies, music, painting, etc.) is discussed.

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Now a little history. It all started with the fact that in the 2000s, there was a format called RSS, which allowed you to download music to your phone. In addition, the phenomenal popularity of the iPod began to gain. Ability to download podcasts and listen to them wherever there is no Internet has played an essential role in the history of podcasts.


Later, Apple began to promote podcasts through iTunes, adding a separate category. Subscriptions to your favorite stations and downloads of podcasts for offline listening are now available in the app.

Podcasts have several advantages

  • The first advantage is its audio format (but there are also video podcasts). Your commute to work at rush hour, and you can’t always read a book. You can listen to podcasts; moreover, you can download them without worrying about the lack of Wi-Fi somewhere in the middle of the road. At home, you can solve two problems at once, and you can turn on podcasts and clean the apartment / do the dishes/cook. You can listen to podcasts both online and downloaded to your phone. We have developed several applications for iPhone and Android phones where you can download the necessary podcast episode for free.
  • The second advantage is learning the language without memorizing grammar rules and words. Everything happens subconsciously as young children begin to master their native language. The more you do, the better.

In addition to the listening skill, the speaking skill develops. You may think: what does this have to do with spoken English because I’m silent? But, if you want to speak well, you need to listen a lot.

The best podcasts to date

Women Of The Hour

What Lina Dunham, creator of the popular series “Girls,” doesn’t do: make movies and write books, act in movies as an actress, and create her podcasts. Although Dunham launched the Woman hour podcast a couple of years ago, it’s simple and incredibly entertaining at the same time. Lina meets with her friends, famous and not-so-famous New Yorkers, and talks about sex, aging, health, abortion, and love in her signature way – with humor, openness, and honesty.

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The Happiness Lab

It is a podcast about happiness. That fact is enough to go to Apple podcasts and download them. Its author is Laurie Santos, a doctoral student in psychology at Yale University. “You think you know what it takes to lead a happier life: more money, a better job, or an Instagram-worthy vacation. You’re completely wrong!” says the podcast author. Dr. Lori Santos has studied the science of happiness and found that many of us do the exact opposite of what would make our lives better.

Oh boy

Man Repeller is a fashion and lifestyle magazine podcast created by blogger and fashion journalist Leandra Medin. Its heroes are the most successful women in fashion, art, music, and technology, who talk honestly about their lives. The value of the podcast lies in its characters – the people who are making modern American culture here and now, from New Yorker magazine author Katie Lew to bohemian singer Martha Wainwright.

The Chernobyl Podcast

If the HBO series “Chernobyl” hasn’t left you indifferent, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Craig Mazin, the show’s creator, it’s the best way to find answers to questions you may have had after filming. How were the producers able to convey the complexity of nuclear engineering? What stories were left out and why? What attributes of Soviet life were the hardest to find during filming, and why? Craig Mazin talks about all this in this podcast.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

A business podcast dedicated to development and innovation and created in collaboration with Stanford University. Guest guests include such iconic figures as Guy Kawasaki and Mark Zuckerberg.

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The Productivityist Podcast

A podcast about personal productivity: also comes out in video podcast format—the main advantage of the channel – is short issues based on personal experience. The author gives instructions, discusses valuable tools, and gives his tips.

Note to Self

It is an excellent podcast from Monush Zomorodi, a former reporter for the New York radio station WNYC. The author covers various topics, from Facebook racism to Marina Abramovic’s performances.

How to Fall

Motivating and kind podcast. Famous people from different fields talk about their falls and what they have learned.

Great Lives

Each episode retells a great person’s life by a different famous person. The podcast has already covered Prince, Catherine the Second, and Freddie Mercury.

Marketing Geeks

It is one of the best podcasts in English about marketing. Podcast hosts talk about marketing in its broadest sense: social media, email marketing, copywriting and building the sales funnel.

The goop Podcast

It is actress Gwyneth Paltrow who hosts the podcast. She invites both show business representatives and experts from various fields to her channel. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and writer Elizabeth Gilbert have already visited the celebrity.

How I built this

Podcast author Guy Raz invites innovators and entrepreneurs to share their success stories.


The Daily

Here is a podcast from the New York Times for those who want to keep up with important news. In each episode, host Michael Barbaro interviews New York Times reporters, asking them about a significant current agenda.

Decoder Ring

Critic Willa Paskin hosts a witty and exciting podcast about life. The author parses people’s cultural problems, habits, and tastes from an unusual angle.

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