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Titan trades down despite 20% revenue growth, 81 store launches in Q2

Titan trades down despite 20% revenue growth, 81 store launches in Q2

On October 9, Titan Company Limited experienced a nearly 2 percent decline in its stock price, trading at Rs 3,2350 in the early hours of the day. This marked a break in its two-day winning streak, following an announcement of strong financial results for the second quarter that ended on September 30.

Despite the decline in share price, Titan reported an impressive 20 percent increase in its revenue for the mentioned quarter. This revenue growth demonstrates the company’s ability to perform well in the market, likely due to strong sales performance and effective strategies in the luxury watch and jewelry segments.

Titan trades down despite 20% revenue growth, 81 store launches in Q2

In addition to its financial performance, Titan also made a significant operational announcement. During this period, the company expanded its retail presence by opening 81 new stores, bringing its total number of outlets to 2,859. This expansion reflects Titan’s commitment to expanding its market reach and providing more accessibility to its products to meet the growing demand in the watch and jewelry sectors.

Overall, while the stock price experienced a temporary dip, Titan’s strong revenue growth and strategic expansion of retail outlets indicate a positive trajectory for the company, suggesting it remains a key player in the Indian luxury watch and jewelry market. Investors and market analysts will likely closely monitor the company’s performance in the coming quarters to assess its long-term growth prospects.

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In the jewelry segment, Titan Company Limited reported significant revenue growth, with a notable 20 percent increase in the domestic business. This robust growth in the domestic market was attributed to several factors, including lower primary outflows from India to international entities. This reduction in primary outflows was driven by periodic inventory realignment, which likely contributed to cost savings and improved profit margins.

Moreover, Titan Company Limited highlighted the positive momentum it had built upon in the first quarter of the fiscal year. The company noted that domestic consumer sales, which fall under the secondary category, exhibited strong year-on-year growth. This growth was particularly impressive due to double-digit increases in both the number of buyers and the average ticket sizes of purchases.

These developments indicate that Titan’s jewelry business in the domestic market is thriving. The combination of increased sales, larger transaction sizes, and cost optimization measures bodes well for the company’s financial performance and underscores its ability to capture a larger share of the jewelry market in India.

Investors and industry analysts will likely continue to monitor Titan’s performance in the jewelry segment as it navigates market dynamics and capitalizes on the positive momentum it has generated in both the domestic and international markets.

In the jewelry division, Titan Company Limited expanded its retail presence with the addition of 37 new stores in India during the quarterly period. Among these store openings, 10 belonged to the Tanishq brand, 26 were dedicated to Mia by Tanishq, and one store was added to the Zoya brand. This expansion strategy demonstrates Titan’s commitment to enhancing its footprint in the Indian jewelry market by catering to a diverse range of customer preferences through its various brands.

Meanwhile, in the watches and wearables segment, Titan reported impressive growth of 32 percent year-on-year. This growth was fueled by a 22 percent increase in analog watch sales and an outstanding 131 percent surge in wearables sales. The expansion in the analog watch category was primarily driven by strong consumer demand in the mid to premium watches segment.

Titan’s growth in the wearables category is particularly noteworthy, reflecting the company’s ability to tap into the evolving market for smartwatches and fitness trackers. The significant increase in wearable sales underscores Titan’s competitiveness in this rapidly growing sector.

As Titan continues to expand its retail presence and diversify its product offerings in both jewelry and watches/wearables, it positions itself as a key player in the Indian consumer goods industry, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences and staying attuned to market trends. These developments suggest a positive outlook for the company’s future performance in these segments.

In the quarter under consideration, Titan Company Limited made significant additions to its store network. A total of 20 new stores were opened, with 10 of them falling under the “Titan World” segment, and the remaining 5 each being allocated to the “Helios” and “Fastrack” segments.

Additionally, the eyecare division of the company reported robust sales growth, registering a 12 percent increase compared to the previous year. This growth was supported by the opening of 4 new Titan Eye+ stores and 1 new Fastrack store in the domestic market during the same quarter.

In terms of stock performance, Titan’s shares have shown strong gains in the last six months, appreciating by a substantial 28 percent during that period.



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