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Top 10 Email Marketing Companies For Your Startups 2021

Email marketing remains today’s most successful internet marketing tool in terms of investment returns (ROI). It is around 3,800 percent, according to one report. You would then expect a return of $38 per $1 you spend in email marketing. Both email marketing activities are streamlined through email and apps. They have a number of features dependent on the program you select, but also have functions linked to the following: automation, subscription, general email messaging, alerts, reporting, campaigns, content collaboration, distribution and maintenance applications, and review.

Email marketing services are an integral and competitive asset for organizations of all sizes in all markets today – allowing firms to establish good relationships with prospects and consumers while ensuring strong contact across the journey of the purchaser. With the further advancement of ESPs, features such as A/B checking, integration, and personalization have made the tools much more useful for a marketer who needs to get into a more fragmented audience.

Now, let’s explore some of today’s best e-mail marketing services – one you can use in your company:

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the world’s biggest and rapidly rising email marketing systems. The email marketing services are both the simplest to use and easiest to launch. Your mailing lists, addresses, templates for email, marketing schedules, etc. can be conveniently handled. You can access endless emails, quick monitoring and reporting on each Account, advanced resources for social media networking, a free image archive, list segmentation, Facebook ad integration, and solid Shopify stores eCommerce integration.

The email design tool of Continuous Touch uses a drag and drop feature for element blocks. You can choose from multiple models as the foundation for your email when designing your email or start it from scratch. Various functional toolbars allow you to install or edit a chosen toolbar. When you add a picture, we nevertheless feel it is a little bit over three different windows. You can still check how the new edition appears in someone’s inbox by using the Preview option while creating the e-mail. You pick the receiver of your email, add a subject line and decide when your email will be delivered, after the development of your email. When this is completed, you can return to your dashboard and view the basic information on the results of your emails.

Pricing: Constant Contact provides two payment options, and all costs apply to the number of contacts you connect to your list. Constant Contact includes a free trial for 60 days without credit card requirements. During the trial, you will be restricted to 100 contacts but will still be able to assess the service safely. At $20 a month, the cheapest package begins with 500 contacts.


  • The most significant features are the programming tools for drag and drop, mobile e-mail, list segmentation for tailored emails, individualized addresses, and email automation capability in addition to the infinite e-mails you can send with Constant contact.

  • You have access to your customer service through telephone and live chat support, and you can search for a large knowledge base of additional marketing products.

  • If your website is not yet available, then Constant Contact plans require even web hosting. A whole website, sites of landing, or even eCommerce may be set up.


  • The best mail of the two can be classified by A/B split testing via constant touch

  • Every plan has a lightning-fast auto answering machine.

  • A design for your website is created automatically by the email editor. However, you can edit the prototype quickly and easily.

  • In and communication categorization plan there is a segmentation method. And this just facilitates e-marketing a lot.


  • Multiple variables cannot be related to the constant A/B division of Touch but only subject lines.

  • There is no free plan as on other mail marketing services sites except for the 60-day trial.

2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a full SMS and corporate email commercialization program. It is one of Europe’s fastest-growing email marketing sites. The app with outstanding software to create stunning and highly entertaining emails is incredibly convenient to use. Your fast drag-and-drop email editor is ideal for beginners without an email marketing experience. SendinBlue provides an automated marketing tool that allows you to send transactional emails, create automatic reporting workflows and consumer segments. You can also use the AI algorithms to make sure the right time is spent sending large emails.

SendinBlue also operates a separate SMTP bulk email marketing service that can be used to fuel the WordPress platform with either automatic or transactional emails. This is not important for your e-mail marketing camps, but if you have a major website and want instant e-mails based on the content in real-time it is a good tool to use.

Pricing: SendinBlue gives you an email marketing package that is totally free and allows you to send up to 300 emails a day, but all your emails will be branded. Their payment plans for Lite begin at $25 a month. SMS may also be added to your account, although the price varies according to your transmission specifications.


  • Develop websites to compile information about you.

  • Place user information forms everywhere on the website.

  • Use Facebook marketing’s ability to promote additional leads.

  • Effective advertising focused on prior user experiences online.


  • Customer service is appealing.

  • Low price.

  • Wide templates.

  • Broad characteristics.


  • No up-to-date user interface.

  • There are several limits.

3. Drip

For eCommerce, bloggers and digital vendors Drip is a strong corporate email marketing tool. They offer a broad variety of software that makes it easier to automate marketing, sales, and customization. They provide smooth integration with their email tools for all popular website designers, like WordPress or WooCommerce. This enables you to add pop-ups/opt-in forms to your homepage quickly and learn more information. Drip allows you to monitor useful trading indicators in consumer intentions and purchasing behavior.

New website users can be segmented from returning clients. Drip also helps you to target car leaving people. Drip is very easy to use. The drip GUI makes the development of promotions and simulation for the workflow of the campaigns very easy because you are new to marketing automation. The workflow drag and drop builder is a wonderful feature that allows you to quickly create and explain promotions for other team members that are still new to the automation of marketing.

Pricing: One of Drip’s most notable benefits is that they have no schedule stages. They make things easy rather than bill you on the basis of the amount of connections you have. The cheapest Drip scheme begins at $19 a month, with 500 ($0.038/contact) contacts.


  • You can monitor useful consumer intentions and purchasing behavioral exchange measurements.

  • Drip’s smarter content analytics software, smarter email segmentation, separated test functions, list groupings, and a visual job-flow designer differentiate the competition from the campaign monitor. Drip These features allow you to hit the e-mail list of target clients to gain further sales.

  • Drip service options include support for online chat, webinars, automation training, comprehensive training, free tutorials, and excellent documents.


  • The visual automation constructors are bigger than any of the top competitors.

  • More sophisticated are the dashboard monitoring and data filtering.

  • Much more sophisticated are recording and event building.

  • It requires a structure focused on tags.


  • The email design library is not available.

  • Creator with weak and minimal forms.

  • Split testing is constrained in functionality.

  • Cozy systems.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is the automation marketing leader. Therefore, it is no wonder they have a fantastic automated email marketing platform. They empower you to build, personalize and customize e-mails quickly and easily without designers or IT requirements. The automated workflows are where the app truly shines. This makes it easier to set triggers and foster the guidance of your email subscribers. Everything’s handled by Hubspot. It’s amazingly quick to create landing pages, lead flows, email workflows, forms, and analytics.

E-mail marketing is only one weapon in Hubspot’s Swiss Army Knife. It can be used separately or in combination with its other deals, such as marketing center and CRM. Only when paired with such goods, the email marketing would be better. You can make your own personalized email with your drag-and-drop editor by using their pre-made models. It is easy to use and allows the interface to be customized, action calls and photos added, and your brand’s contents and colors changed.

Pricing: HubSpot E-mail will be sent to up to 2,000 e-mails a month free of charge, with updates from $50 a month.


  • You can make your own personalized email with your drag-and-drop editor by using their pre-made models.

  • It is easy to use and allows the interface to be customized, action calls and photos added, and your brand’s contents and colors changed.

  • Using the advanced customization tools to customize your email to quickly maximize your open volume.


  • Free trial for seven days.

  • Anything in one package of equipment.

  • The GUI is user-friendly.

  • User preparation is free of charge.


  • Certain subsidies are paid.

  • The price is steep.

  • No A/B checking of simple plans.

  • Plans are periodic rather than monthly.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse is another common solution for email marketing. Email marketing for small companies is incredibly easy to use and simplifies. It comes with a range of fantastic marketing automation tools to build insightful, automated fields. With the aid of marketing provided by GetResponse, you can send timely emails to everyone in any time zone. If you just want to connect to e-commerce sites, GetResponse can support you. GetResponse comes with lovely response types, landing pages, A/B checking, and autoresponders. Sign up monitoring. It also combines lead applications from third parties such as OptinMonster, salesforce, Google Docs, ZenDesk, etc.

Mobile phone, live chat, and email services are offered. They have a free training section with tutorials, webinars, how-to, guides, etc. Funnels include topics such as e-mails, landing pages, outputs, marketing automation, Facebook advertising, and introduction with eCommerce. It depends on your targets and how you set them up. Yet GetResponse offers all the means to extend and monetize the subscriber list. If a consumer joins the funnel, GetResponse automates all. It is the best way to direct clients through various digital touchpoints through the transfer process.

Pricing: The price model of GetResponse is based on your list of contacts. For a 2-year pledge, you will get the best deals. For 1,000 contacts (0,0105$/contact), the cheapest package starts at $10.50 a month. GetResponse has no reimbursement policy, but you can scope out the service for 30 days on your paying plans. Your credit card details are also not needed for the trial edition.


  • GetResponse is mainly focused on webinars and eCommerce sites. Actually, with even the beginner plan, you get tools for both. This does not mean, of course, that this service does not work with other companies.

  • The other key features include a drag and down email interface application, mobile emails, customer segmentation driven dynamic content and automated bloggers email choices.

  • Customer service from GetResponse was offered by the live chat and email 24/7, which is reassuring, in particular because you are new to email marketing.


  • You may not need to enter credit card information during 30 days of free trial.

  • Both opt-in and opt-in mailing are permitted.

  • The segmentation is flexible rather than distinct.

  • For a year or two years of service, there is a discount.

  • Excellent features of CRM (Customer Management).

  • Comprehensive and strong division research.

  • The automation of ads is optimal.


  • There is a small selection of RSS to HTML templates.

  • The shortage of phone assistance is a big disadvantage.

  • Only more expensive plans are available for A/B testing.

  • The construction tool of the landing page is paid for by an extra fee.

  • There are also drawbacks of newsletter fonts.

6. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a comprehensive email marketing tool for bloggers, writers and marketing professionals. It is extremely simple to use and strong. The unique functionality of ConvertKit helps you to give notifications and rewards to your content via E-Mail registration forms. It is also quick to handle self-responds so that you can send drip emails from your account. With ConvertKit you can quickly split subscribers into interested parties and consumers. This tends to make conversions more personal with automatic emails. This is called selective email marketing in marketing terminology.

ConvertKit groups all the subscribers into one list rather than several email lists. However, for segmentation purposes or auto tags, you would be able to tag them manually, depending on their actions, to boost your campaign personalization. For writers of wide crowds, this is perfect. The easiest way to send fast and clean emails is to ConvertKit. Here there are no intricate patterns or elements that distract. You will access the whole series and the email content for each of them, chronologically, by email. You would love to also find the ConvertKit provides conveniently accessible landing pages and forms.

Pricing: ConvertKit includes free plans as well as premium plans. The paying plans are subscribers that provide you with a free conversion opportunity if you wish to move your personal details from another email marketing program. The cheapest payment scheme starts with 1000 contacts ($0.025/moon) at $ 25/month (annuary payment).


  • ConvertKit lets you email your contacts with an infinite number. The other key characteristics of the mail include email automation, customized content, creator of signup forms and tag-base customer segmentation.

  • During working hours, the customer service is available via live chat. However, after this time you can build an e-mail ticket for help. With paying plans, including standard and priority support, you get enhanced support functionality.


  • Binds to a fair designer of the landing page.

  • Quick and efficient visual automation builder.

  • Dynamic emails and tags are easy to build and combine.

  • Trustworthy news.

  • Help channel open.


  • Restricted options for customization.

  • The A/B monitoring functionality is not wide-ranging.

  • The reporting data are minimal.

  • No free plan available. No free plan.

7. MailChimp

Mailchimp is one of the world’s most successful email marketing companies mostly for providing a forever free email marketing plan. Mailchimp is provided with a basic drag and drop email designer, auto-responders, community segmentation and simple analytics monitoring. You also can set distribution times dependent on the timezones of the customer and customize geolocation segments.

Mailchimp tried in recent years to incorporate all of the ‘advanced’ capabilities, but they are not really advanced despite having checked many of them.

Mailchimp support is accessible via email, live chat and a wide knowledge base of tutorials. Their assistance, however, sometimes is sluggish and does not equal the level of service offered by Continuous Communication. You can synchronize the data quickly with MailChimp from such apps as Shopify, Twitter, Google, SurveyMonkey etc. MailChimp offers mobile templates which allow you to submit photo-based emails too. MailChimp conducts a website summary of revenue and other operations. MailChimp has everything to enable you to increase your market. It helps you to send up to 12,000 free e-mails.

Pricing: Their plan start from $10/month to 500 workers, with rates increasing by a raise of 500. You will, though, have to turn to their $299 a month package if you want limitless markets, automated segmentation of audiences, multivariate assessments and comparative reporting.


  • Mailchimp’s E-Mail marketing solutions primarily provide drag and drop template tools, client segmentation, interactive content, e-mail automation, login forms and 200+ social media and other applications.

  • 24/7 email and live chat service for Mailchimp is included for paid plans and you will be provided with the most advanced telephone support. However, you receive 30 days of email assistance when you subscribe to either a free plan or any paying plans.


  • The design editor is simple to use.

  • The Freemium package covers all instruments.

  • Careful and sophisticated reporting.


  • There are a lot of drawbacks to email automation.

  • Plans are very expensive.

8. AWeber

AWeber is one of the world’s oldest and most successful providers of email marketing. They offer a wide variety of instruments to handle their email marketing for small to medium-sized companies. AWeber is quick to get started. It seamlessly integrates with most sites such as WordPress. See our ultimate guide on linking AWeber to WordPress for comprehensive guidance.

You should submit competent newsletters with AWeber. To make email marketing more simple, Aweber has developed three mobile applications. What you would ideally like about Aweber is for you to split your content into separate lists of your niche market with particular interests. You may use a built-in drag and drop e-mail designer, plain text or custom HTML code to generate your account. When you use the builder, you can access the editor’s pre-made templates to ensure the blank canvas does not dishearten you. Choosing a prototype adds only the empty blocks to the template and structure, which is vague. It is quick and will take just a few minutes to send your email to your contact list. You pick the email to schedule, choose the already created email list, and choose when the campaign is going to go out.

Pricing: AWeber has a free pay-as-you-go scheme. You may opt to pay the payment methods per month, quarterly or annually depending on the number of subscribers. The alternative of the latter is the lowest price you can afford. Beside the free scheme, the AWeber schemes begin with 500 contacts for $16.15 a month ($0.0323/contact).


  • AWeber has its e-mail template designer powered by AI as its only aspect. This makes it much easier to build the whole email process if you are a novice.

  • Other main features include the drag and drop email construction platform, email automation solutions, custom email, tag-based contacting, sign-up forms and a free photo gallery.

  • Fantastic 24/7 customer service is accessible from AWeber via mobile, email or live chat.


  • More templates exist than other leading solutions for e-marketing.

  • The answering machine is quick to browse.

  • Up to 3 split experiments are possible.

  • Reporting correctly and properly.

  • Aweber has more than 900 integration which enables it to communicate seamlessly with Web builders such as WordPress and some essential widgets.


  • The trial cycle is 30 days less open.

  • When submitting e-newsletter, multiple segmentation cannot be achieved.

  • Aweber is costlier than its rivals.

  • The only drawback is that Aweber’s mailbuilder can’t edit the RSS in the email prototype.

9. ActiveCampaign

Adding the contacts to an email list is a common procedure with options to upload them separately, uploading email contacts in bulk from a file, or copy-pasting. You will connect to a list of other e-mail marketing providers, and your contacts are automatically moved. Through attaching names, you can arrange the contacts. You should adapt the activities to the behavioural information extracted by ActiveCampaign about the consumers. Web activities and emails can be quickly monitored, as can SMS marketing. You will systematically monitor your contacts and improve your marketing.

It gives an incentive to conceal the forms from clients, who saw it once. It may be a little pricey over time, but its price worth it. You will get to the review page when you have finished with your email. You will trigger multiple monitoring functions here, add a date to plan an email and carry out a spam search. The above indicates how likely your message is spammed by email software – something special that most service providers have not experienced.

Pricing: The progression of ActiveCampaign’s strategy is quite unique. As the number of connections increases, the higher levels of plans are not available. The more customers you have, the lower your email marketing functionality. With monthly or annual premiums, you can pay for the program, where per year prices are much lower. Your cheapest scheme will launch at $9/month and 500 contacts.


  • The number of e-mails you will send on any of your plans is not capped.

  • Drag & Drop Interface Tools, e-mail and automation marketing tools, creative advertising options, opt-in modes and social media integrations are other key features.

  • During working hours, ActiveCampaign provides talk and email support. With a higher level package, an extra phone service option is offered.


  • Accessible list and marks.

  • Precise follow-up and monitoring.

  • Outstanding support.

  • A/B research is rigorous.

  • Creator of Email prototype is appealing.

  • More modern robotics.

  • Pricing is rational.


  • There are few preconceived templates.

  • Navigating the gui is sluggish.

  • Types are limited to lower-cost plans.

  • For newbies not recommended.

  • No free schedule.

10. MailerLite

MailerLite is a fundamental email marketing service that doesn’t have anything important. MailerLite only sticks to what you like rather than adding several different features and features.

This is great for those seeking a faster, faster email marketing solution. You are a designer who may not require a lot of whistles and bells. To launch or send emails, you actually need the resources – and do so well. Since this is a modern medium, MailerLite is one of the most advanced tools to make it simple to use. It helps to break down email ads from body to body and never forget you with lovely and powerful campaigns.

MailerLite has a drag-and-drop editor that promotes a high-quality message for everybody. Segmente your customers with features such as A/B checks to improve personalization and refine your promotions.

Drag and Drop versatility is the method of design itself. We like that, when they have samples of material in them, you can immediately grasp the character of various blocks. For beginners with limited information about the email design and layout, it is extremely useful. However, you can’t edit a text block in the email, so there is also a disadvantage to the editor. Instead, you can embed the material in a toolbar.

Pricing: A free and paying plan is provided by MailerLite. The pay package is really nice that there are no stages. After you pick a paid package, all features stay the same, regardless of the number of connections. A monthly or an annual charge may be charged. The lowest paying scheme begins with 1000 contacts at $7/month (annual payment). If you want to pay annually, the price is 10 bucks.


  • The feature set of MailerLite is very popular in the e-mail marketing industry, but with their paying plans they have no separate levels. However, variations exist between the functionality of the free and premium plans.

  • The key features are drag and drop tools, customer segmentation options, contact tags, email automation, login forms and interactive information.

  • MailerLite delivers e-mail and live chat service to consumers 24/7. However, the latter only has Premium plans.


  • Strong answering machine.

  • Creation of excellent landing pages.

  • Both tools on the premium plans are included in the free edition.

  • More hard to use and cheaper.


  • Delays in cell phone navigation.

  • There are just a few ready-made templates.


Features, price, consistency of the interface, number of possible connections, number of possible mailings, monitoring tools, etc. It can be very helpful to create a research grid to select the correct email marketing providers (not exactly the right one for itself, but the one most suitable for your needs). Drip marketing must be carried out properly and the customer’s actions and status must be understood so that the best email marketing program will be chosen to save the email addresses from spam.

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