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Top 10 Venture Capital Companies To Raise Funds For Your Startups 2021

In India, the start-up industry thrives, and Venture Capital Firms or VCs are also one of the key facets. Statistics have demonstrated that even the brilliant start-up ideas of a strong team fail due to inadequate funding in the early years of their service.

Financing is crucial; once start-ups and Firms are rising, a substantial amount of funding is needed in order for them to continue to intensify. In the past, the only finance available for small enterprises and companies is the banks and other similar outlets. More than 650 Venture Capitalists have been interested in Indian startup financing since 2015. Here we’ll focus only on top funding companies in India to finance start-ups and small companies in the early stages.

Venture capital companies are funds run over the term Venture Capitalists by finance wizards and founders. The funds are invested in early-stage startups that demonstrate the ability for highly successful firms to thrive and expand. VC companies are SEBI recognized and tend to be the most appropriate ways of finance for small companies and start-ups requiring tremendous investment in their early stages of growth.

The top venture capital firms of 2020 are as follows:

1. Khosla Ventures

Khosla Ventures was founded in 2004 and is a finance capital company based in Menlo Park, California. The company prefers to offer entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technology assistance and strategic advice. It focuses primarily on the internet and clean technology sectors and aims to invest in the economy, healthcare, big data, agriculture and food, renewable energy, and robotics industries.

The new portfolio includes the unicorn lending company Affirm; the nuclear fusion technologies developing company, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, and DoorDash, Impossible Foods, Instacart, Okta, Oscar. Khosla Ventures has made investments and won major profits in a range of sectors including cybersecurity, sustainability, and healthcare.

2. Sequoia Ventures

Sequoia Capital is one of the world’s largest venture equity and venture capital businesses. Sequoia Capital is a stage agnostic investor, which has financed and supported over 1500 companies around the world, mainly focused on technology and innovation. These companies control $1.4 trillion of the combined stock market value through the financial support and incubation from Sequoia. By systematically investing, they determine which additional tools and applications will work with and invest in the initial future technologies and markets.

In cases of short-term incubation partnerships between several venture capital funds, Sequoia has established long-term investing that lasts well over a decade and capitalizes on the success of high-performance businesses. More technology than any other region covering SaaS, business software, and eCommerce and healthcare networks lean to Sequoia’s most recent investments. Most investments currently made by Sequoia are based in the US – mostly on the West Coast – and in China, with India increasingly becoming a strong investment sector.

3. Accel

Accel, a U.S. venture capital firm that provides early-stage founders with targeted content, industry-oriented programs, and mentorship, has launched a learning platform called SeedToScale.

The group, which has funded leading start-ups in technology such as Flipkart, Freshworks, and Swiggy, said that it is not only a company’s own portfolio but is available to the entire business world. They have invested around 1350 of which 280 have been successful outputs. Their success rate rises to 55.56 percent when they act as lead investors.

At a time when several other giants, including Soft Bank and Prosus Ventures, are also active in the nation, Accel’s growing interest in India is increasing rapidly — even if they tend to finance later-stage rounds.

4. New Enterprise Associates

NEA worked with entrepreneurs to turn vast concepts and courageous dreams into future-oriented products, services, and solutions. With more than $20 billion in committed capital and four decades of investment experience, over 600 actively developed companies have been created, resulting in over 230 IPOs and 390 acquisitions across markets, stages, and geographies. So they are often technologists, inventors, operators, surgeons, scientists, advertisers, and even entrepreneurs. These disciplines are united by a collective love of creativity and a collaborative society under a global fund.

As a general collaborator, NEA has encouraged Liza Landsman. Landsman joined the company in 2018 as chairman of the portfolio company (another multi-billion-dollar exit for the firm). The new fund will continue NEA’s investment policy in technology and healthcare transactions through phases, focussing, according to the group, on early stages and some growth investments.

5. Kleiner Perkins

Kleiner Perkins has for fifty years made history by his association with some of the most ingenious pioneers in the fields of technology and life sciences. They invested 10 billion dollars in hundreds of firms, among them pioneers Amazon, Genentech, and Google, with twenty venture funds and four development funds. Today, Kleinen Perkins is inspiring entrepreneurs and her brave ideas are making historic investments in companies such as Desktop Metal, IronNet, Ring, Spotify, Slack, and UiPath.

One of the most well-known ventures capital franchises, Kleiner Perkins spent much of last year’s 600 million dollars and now is back on the market to collect its nineteenth fund from many outlets. The group, which has undergone a massive transformation in the past two years, went on to make a tear in acquisitions in 2019 when new partners built a new portfolio for the company – almost a whole thing.

6.Bessemer Venture

Innovations in steel, practically creating new architecture and development, gave birth to Bessemer Venture Partners. Today, they collaborate with individuals who wish to develop their own movements.

Their partners help the founders lay the groundwork for the establishment of companies that are significant, beginning with seed and investment in Series A. In the last 50 years, over 120 IPOs have taken place and they will not quit any sooner even after Shopify, Yelp, LinkedIn, Skype, LifeLock, Twilio, SendGrid, DocuSign, Wix, and MindBody. Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Israel, and India, Bessemer’s 16 investment partners operate from those countries.

With 197 exits, they made a total of 910 contributions, and 34 percent of their total investment was led by founders. The VC corporation concentrated initially on steel but now invests in health and customer and business technology.

7. Intel Capital

With respect to corporate venture capital, Intel has become a semiconductor powerhouse with investments in 1,582 firms worldwide, and a total of some 692 portfolio enterprises that either make public or exit in line with Intel’s funding. In the USA, China, and Western Europe this organization mainly spends. It focuses on technology companies in the fields of AI, 5G & Connectivity, Device Security, IoT & Robotics, Next General Compute, etc. Their progress rate rises to 83% as it serves as the main investor

Intel is a true pioneer in the industry, helping to improve technologies and developments changing around the world. As a trusted partner for leading technology firms internationally, Intel Capital has an excellent background. Intel will develop India’s cutting-edge technology capabilities which will benefit all sectors of our economy and boost Indians’ living conditions by 1.3 billion.

8. Helion Venture Partner

Helion Venture Partners is early to mid-stage investing venture capital company. In the areas of outsourcing, internet, and mobile media products, retail services, health care, education, or financial services, the company is favored to invest in technical enterprises and consumer services. It focuses on investment in Indian-based businesses. Helion Investment Partners has offices in Port Louis, Mauritius, Bangalore, India, and Gurgaon, India.

For their first investment in 2006, the venture capital group raised $ 140 million, and in March 2008 another $ 210 million. The business has begun outsourcing but has made several bets since 2008 on the Indian domestic demand past, investing in retail and e-commerce start-ups. About half a dozen outsourcing businesses, such as the financial consulting platform Grindstone Research, Amba Research, Anantara Solutions, and UNLex BPO, among others, were part of Heilion’s earliest investments.

9. Nexus Venture Partners

Nexus Venture Partners is a venture capital company that invests in investment start-ups, early stages, and early growth. This is focused on investments in industries such as telecommunications, financial and industrial services, media, energy, agribusiness, external services, the Internet, rural sector, cloud services, storage, networks, consumer websites, automation, applications, computer protection, and mobile systems. The corporation favors investments in Indian and foreign companies that are concentrated on US-based industries with technology specific to India and developing markets. Investments in companies outside India are also possible.

Until now, Nexus has collected the corpus from about 29 investors. In January, ET said Nexus was on the way to a $350-400 million corpus. The group, most notable for its online marketplaces like Snapdeal and ShopClues, will expand its investment share in U.S.-based companies with tech as a lot of its online customer room bets have grown sour.

10. Kalaari Capital

Kalaari Capital invests $650 million in funds in an early stage, technological business with a large consultancy workforce in Bangalore. They are keen to invest in entrepreneurs that are primed to be world leaders tomorrow. They are looking for businesses that capture new opportunities, offer creative technologies, and generate new resources for India and beyond.

In the last decade, after the venture capital fund funded a series of startups such as Snapdeal, Myntra, Uran Ladder, and Dream11, the venture capitalist company headquartered in Bengaluru took prominence. Kalaari was founded in 2006 when a $190 million Indian fund funded by silicon valley venture capital corporation New Enterprise Associates was set up by technology entrepreneur Kola, formerly Intel Corp Vice President Vinod Dham and former Intel executive Kumar Shiralagi (NEA).

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