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Tuhin Banik of Thatware Opens Up What Makes SEO Industry So Dynamic And His Journey

In the last of years, the digital marketing industry has grown infinitely and it is one of the fastest-growing domains in the world. Recently, one of the youngest digital marketing super Tuhin Banik opened up on the growth of the SEO ranking industry and what makes it such an integral part of the digital marketing industry.

Tuhin is the CEO of SEO Ranking Agency UK LTD which is a limited company SEO agency based in the United Kingdom. He takes pride in creating an organization that aims to change the digital marketing space by using artificial intelligence-based techniques. Tuhin has a lot of experience in the industry as he comes from a strong technical background with a bachelor’s in Technology followed by a Master’s degree in digital marketing and a Nano degree in artificial intelligence.

Tuhin opened up on his journey in the field and shared, “I had a strong desire to change the industrial marketplace’s landscape with some of the most advanced technologies. I found my company Thatware in 2018, and eventually emerged as a part of a project from its previous subsidiaries and has now become an advanced digital marketing company that depends on AI. SEO ranking is one of the most defining domains in the digital industry.”

“I truly believe that AI has a lot of potentials and I constantly try to push the boundaries. My brand Thatware honestly welcomes all business owners to try our advanced SEO services and see what difference AI makes. People are somehow unaware of this new trend, but mark my words AI would definitely change the marketing structure, thus resulting in exponential growth in business worldwide,” concluded Tuhin.

Thatware is the first company in the world to link artificial intelligence with digital marketing and this has the potential to change the SEO industry completely. In the shortest span of time, his brand is growing robustly and there is a lot more in the store for his clients.



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