uLektz Campus, all-in-one software helping colleges and universities enable digital education to enhance academic effectiveness, improve administrative efficiency and ensure students success.

uLektz Campus is a one-stop solution providing a suite of apps, resources and services for all needs of institutions, accessible through One Single App. It is a first-of-its-kind SaaS based educational ERP exclusively designed for higher education institutions. It helps colleges and universities enable digital for learning and campus management, and connect their students and faculties across institutions to share knowledge, experiences and expertise. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), uLektz profiles its members and offers them 360 degree personalised guidance and appropriate resources and services for enhancing education, skills and careers.

With uLektz Campus, colleges and universities can enable digital education and stay aligned with the recommendations of Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), University Grans Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC), National Board of Accreditation (NBA), etc

uLektz Campus includes the following modules:

  • Learning Management System: Helps institutions enable digital education and deliver engaging teaching and learning experience to drive academic effectiveness and enhance education.

  • Campus Management System: Helps integrate, automate and streamline all the administrative functions of the institution to save time, reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies.

  • Digital Library: Provides a digital library of 5000+ interactive ebooks and videos accessible from anywhere, any time and on any device both online and offline for flipped classroom.

  • 360 Degree Personalised Guidance & Resources: Offers AI based 360 degree personalised guidance and appropriate resources and services to students and faculty members for enhancing education, skills and careers.

  • Social Learning Platform for Peer Education: Connects students, educators and all other stakeholders of higher education across institutions worldwide for sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise.

  • On-Campus Programmes: To help bridge gap between academia and industry, uLektz conducts various on-campus seminars, workshops and events for students and faculties in collaboration with the industry experts.

For many institutions, maintaining the implemented technological solutions and ensuring their usage are the key challenges. To help address these specific challenges, uLektz Campus is offered as a SaaS-based solution, so institutions need not to purchase, install or maintain any hardware or software. The whole solution is hosted, maintained and managed by the professional team at uLektz. Also, to provide technical support, a dedicated team of professionals offer assistance via Email, Phone, Chat and Web-conference.

To ensure the effective usage of uLektz Campus, uLektz conducts change management programmes for faculty, students and administration members of the institution through Faculty Development Programmes and Student Ambassador Programmes.

Some of the outcomes and benefits of uLektz are:

  • Engage Students : Engage students using today’s latest ICT / digital technologies and effective pedagogies.

  • Accreditations Support: Get accreditations (NAAC, NBA, etc.) with better scores, grades and rankings.

  • Learning and Campus Management: Improve efficiency and effectiveness of learning and campus management.

  • Promote Your Brand: Augment your institution’s brand image and increase students admission.

  • 360 Degree Guidance: Provide students and faculties with the appropriate resources for academics, skills and careers.

  • Stay Ahead: Stay ahead of education transformation challenges and remain competitive.

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