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uLektz campus for implementing flipped classroom & E-learning

In the technology-based learning environment every organization needs to have new ways of learning. uLektz has played an imperative role by creating a name in accommodating and implementing new strategies for learning. uLektz campus has implemented flipped classroom and e-learning for educational organizations. uLektz campus is a one-stop solution providing a suite of apps, resources and services for all the institution’s needs accessible through One Single App.

Flipped classrooms is a new methodology of converting the traditional approach of providing the notes, material, handouts from printed to the digital content in terms of Short videos, tutorials, digital handouts etc. These videos and the notes are provided to students in advance so that students can read and prepare themselves. The content is available to them without any hindrances along with an ease of single sign in.

The functionality of flipped classroom is implemented to facilitate students with the agenda, course content before attending the classes so that the teachers can discuss the same with the students who have already prepared based on the videos shared with them and make the sessions more learner centric with two way approach of dialog and understanding.

The concept of providing flipped classroom & e-learning by uLektz campus is to make the sessions more engaging through video as well as audio. It’s a learner centric approach for preparing students with more knowledge so that they can explore more employment opportunities in the market Hence, it’s a great value creation to education industry where universities are continuously working towards enhancing skills in students to face the competition and explore employment opportunities in both India and abroad. uLektz has the same pace and understanding at academics for making it a global platform for teachers and students by keeping track of performances.

It helps colleges and universities enable digital ways for learning and campus management, connect their students and faculties across institutions to share knowledge, experiences and expertise. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), uLektz profiles its members and offers them 360-degree personalized guidance and appropriate resources and services for enhancing education, skills and careers.

uLektz comprehend the prerequisite of time and students’ requirements to access the sessions and prepare accordingly. Hence, flipped classroom generates the option of referring the content online. The approach to provide the flipped classroom and e- learning is to create a valuable contribution with a technology-based support function for teachers and students to develop skills in exploring more potential market.

uLektz campus has produced excellent platform and technology-based functionality for universities specifically for higher education through the support of flipped classroom & E-learning. Students are conversant well in advance with the topics which ultimately facilitates students to develop critical thinking by going through the videos, digital notes. It helps universities to persuade the student not to just read the topic but also to understand its application in professional world. With an eLearning and flipped classroom, uLektz campus always focus to stay ahead of education transformation challenges and through its association with many colleges and universities and all other stakeholders of higher education.

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