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Home Trends Unity acquires Dublin-based deep learning startup Artomatix

Unity acquires Dublin-based deep learning startup Artomatix

Unity has acquired AI game developer tools startup Artomatix.

The Dublin startup builds developer tools that allow game studios to more easily create deep learning-enhanced textures that scale more convincingly.

Developers can use the startup’s ArtEngine platform to bring real-world materials to their game worlds, adapting the visual patterns to their 3D worlds more quickly than existing toolsets while eliminating seams and irregularities. ArtEngine uses AI to identify visual flaws in replications and saves developers from having to endlessly tweak environments.

Artomatix Is An Artificially Intelligent Game Designing App

The company launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF back in 2015. Artomatix went on to raise just over $12 million in grants and funding from VCs, including from Enterprise Ireland, Suir Valley Ventures, Manifold Partners and Boost Heroes.

Artomatix’s team will continue to operate out of their Dublin offices. Unity did not share an acquisition price.

Unity, which boasts that more than half of new games are built using its engine, is an obvious suitor for Artomatix’s technology. The engine has continued to grow more powerful in recent years, but bulking up in capabilities has increased complexity and left developers with lengthy render times.

If Artomatix’s technology can help game designers create the art used to populate digital environments, Unity can begin to push more workflow through AI-assisted tools and save developers time.

How Unity built the world’s most popular game engine

Source: TechCrunch


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