Upward Growth Trajectory for Online Casinos

In the last few years, the growth of online casinos in India has spiked. This may be linked to several factors, but technology plays the biggest role. Any person can access the casinos without any hassle. Interestingly, most of them are optimized for both desktop and mobile gaming. Therefore, you can even play on the go.

However, the growth of these casinos depends on several factors. For example, location, popularity and the number of customers may determine if a casino will remain in business or not. Furthermore, the site’s compatibility with handheld game consoles has a role to play. The best thing is that most casinos in India have all these areas ticked right. Why else would McKinsey and Bain conclude that Asian countries like India and Malaysia play a significant role in the global online gaming industry?

Internet and Infrastructure

With the increased internet speeds, the iGaming sector in India has surfaced. While 3G/4G speeds are incredibly fast, 5G is coming, and it’ll most likely make internet gaming more fun. And it’s not just the casino sector. Others like sportsbooks and poker rooms have become popular too. Besides, Indians have a special liking for cricket, so online bookies are in demand.

Notably, this popularity extends to other Asian countries as well. Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are among the beneficiaries. You will find plenty of online casinos in these countries. Besides, their large population kind of made the region a hotspot for gambling. So, investors had to introduce easier ways to cater to the market.

Interestingly, India has several internet cafes and bistros across the country. In the last two years, the number of these cafes has nearly doubled. Therefore, it’s now more convenient for players to access online gaming sites. Besides convenience, these bistros are more cost-effective. Therefore, people can easily afford the services. And since India’s gaming market is large, the growth prospects for this industry have increased.

Also, there has been an increase in the number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India. The telecom industry has greatly advanced in both convenience and reliability. Besides, the number of broadband users in India has rapidly grown. This may be linked to reduced costs which make internet services more affordable. That way, gamblers can easily access gaming sites and play seamlessly. All these factors have made online casinos popular in India.

Mobile usage

Arguably, India is among the top countries with the largest usage of mobile phones. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since India is heavily populated. The funniest thing is one person may have more than one mobile phone. So, you can imagine the number of these devices in one household.  And with the affordable internet, people can easily access online casinos.

Furthermore, top online casinos like Mega Casino World are perfectly optimized for mobile gaming. Therefore, punters can easily load the sites and have all the gaming options at their disposal. Excitingly, some sites even have downloadable apps for both Android and iOS users. This makes it even easier for anyone to access the services from a mobile gadget. As such, this increased mobile usage is among the key factors for the growth of the online casino industry in India.

Growth Due to Pandemic

The lockdown procedures made in response to the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly affected the online gambling industry in India. Physical casinos, among other industries, have had to shut down their premises. Therefore, gamblers couldn’t make bets in person. Luckily, online casinos didn’t shut down. In fact, they thrived. Several people who used to bet in location-based casinos saw online gambling sites as the best alternative. Remember, you can access these sites without even stepping out of your bedroom.

As such, man players registered and began betting. This increased the customer base in online casinos. To cater for the increased demand, the likes of Fun88 India and other major casinos increased the range of gaming products. Slots machines were supplied in plenty, and so were table variants. Poker and lottery games were also boosted. This ensured that there are no shortages in the gaming options.

Additionally, even non-gamblers found themselves venturing into the iGaming industry. Remember, not land-based casinos were closed only. All other entertainment industries suffered the same fate. So, people were trapped at home with few entertainment options. And since online casinos are always within reach, several people signed up to have. This led to more growth of the industry.

Increased Variety of Payment Options

Online casinos in India provide a wide range of secure payment options. Popular credit/debit cards, prepaid cards and e-wallets are among the available choices. In fact, most of the methods are available for online shopping. So, most people are familiar with them. Besides, they use bank-level security systems. This aspect is especially crucial to tech-savvy gamblers who want complete certainty of safety while playing online.

Most importantly, different casinos provide different banking options. Before registration, you need to make sure that the available options are viable for Indians. Also, bear in mind that top casinos in India accept only a few credit cards and debit cards. Some may accept all but others specify certain cards. Therefore, it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions associated with a casino before committing. But it’s obvious, Indian casinos will have payment options usable in India. This adds more fuel to the growth of online casinos in the country.

The Bottom Line

Online casinos have greatly improved over the last few years. In quality, number of games, convenience and flexibility, everything is just perfect. Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic has also increased the number of online gamers in India. Since people couldn’t get out to have fun, online gaming became one of the alternatives. Interestingly, requirements were few and readily available. With a modern gaming console and reliable internet, you’ll be good to go. These factors have led to the upward growth trajectory for online casinos in India.

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