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Vivek Ramaswamy, The Billionaire Who Has Become The Rising Star of American Politics & Running For US Presidential Polls In 2024

What sets Vivek Ramaswamy apart, the astute Republican candidate who amassed substantial wealth through his success in finance and biotech, elevating him to one of America’s wealthiest individuals in his thirties—a feat achieved without the assistance of inheritance, setting him apart from Donald Trump.

In a bustling New Hampshire eatery, Vivek Ramaswamy, the youthful Republican contender shaping the 2024 presidential race, champions the idea of uniting a divided nation through a quintessentially American approach: capitalism.

Addressing around 100 diners relishing turkey sandwiches and diet sodas, he contends that both Democrats and Republicans feel prouder of their country when economic prosperity is widespread. He asserts that there’s no need to be apologetic about capitalism, but rather to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Vivek Ramaswamy, billionaire, Politics

And embrace it he has. At 38, Ramaswamy, a biotech investor and advocate against perceived excessive political correctness, commands a staggering net worth exceeding $950 million.

Though momentarily dipping below the billion-dollar threshold due to market fluctuations, he was recently listed among the 20 youngest billionaires in the U.S. by Forbes, trailing only behind Donald Trump, whose net worth Forbes estimates at $2.5 billion.

The Billionaire
The roots of Ramaswamy’s wealth trace back to Roivant Sciences, a drug development firm he founded. With the company’s stock surging nearly 40% this year, his 10% stake amounts to roughly $600 million.

Having diverted over $260 million from Roivant into an investment portfolio consisting predominantly of stocks and bonds, he’s also diversified into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rumble (a YouTube competitor), and the crypto payments company MoonPay.

The Politician
Intriguingly, Ramaswamy has political interests too. He left his CEO role at Roivant in 2021 and ventured into politics, releasing a book titled “Woke, Inc.,” critiquing the corporate world’s growing emphasis on social justice issues and the rise of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) movement on Wall Street.

A Billionaire And A Politician
Subsequently, he established Strive Asset Management, an “anti-woke” index fund provider aimed at countering the ESG trend, which, according to sources, is valued at around $300 million. This investment implies his stake is worth over $100 million.

His rapid accumulation of wealth is notable. Raised by Indian immigrants Ramaswamy attended Harvard, where he co-founded StudentBusinesses.com, a platform for student entrepreneurs to pitch to investors.

After a stint at the hedge fund QVT, he founded Roivant Sciences, focusing on the potential value of abandoned drugs from pharmaceutical giants.

The Humble Roots
Despite his affluence and connections, Ramaswamy maintains a down-to-earth lifestyle, residing in modest Ohio homes, in contrast to less wealthy candidates like Nikki Haley, Francis Suarez, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and President Joe Biden, who own larger real estate portfolios.

However, he does admit to owning stakes in three private jets, which afford him the luxury of swift travel to and from his family in Ohio.

Ramaswamy’s political aspirations have garnered recognition, propelling him into the Republican presidential primary race. He differentiates himself by openly addressing challenging issues and presenting conservative perspectives, positioning himself as an alternative to Donald Trump within the Republican Party.

“We are in the middle of a national identity crisis. Faith, patriotism, hardwork, family. These things have disappeared. Only to be replaced by new secular religions in American life. Wokeism, transgenderism, climatism, Covidism, globalism, depression, anxiety, suicides. These are symptoms of a deeper void of purpose and meaning in our country,” Vivek Ramaswamy said while addressing a gathering.

In June, Vivek Ramaswamy called affirmative action “the single greatest form of institutional racism in today’s America”.

He articulates viewpoints often avoided in public discourse, making him an appealing candidate for some. His campaign platform asserts that America is facing an identity crisis, highlighting the decline of traditional values like faith, patriotism, hard work, and family, which he believes have been supplanted by “new secular religions” such as Wokeism, transgenderism, climatism, and others.

He’s vocal about issues like affirmative action, criticizing it as a form of institutional racism, and he emphasizes colorblind meritocracy. He also champions conservative values like traditional gender identities and border security, proposing the deployment of the military to protect U.S. borders.

“Top companies now regularly disfavor qualified applicants who happen to be white or Asian, which spawns resentment and condescension toward black and Hispanic hires. Everyone loses in the end. Time to restore colorblind meritocracy once and for all,” he posted on X.

The Family Man
Since launching his campaign in February, he has been on a meeting spree across New Hampshire and Ohio.

But in between, like most presidential candidates love to do, the Indian-origin Republican candidate has showcased his family side.

“Happy Sunday! Good to be back home for a bit,” he posted on X with a photo of his wife and his excited toddler son in her arms.

In a recent interview, Ramaswamy says his wife Apoorva “inspires and keeps him humble with her work as a surgeon.” He met Apporva during his student days at Yale, and they have two sons together.

He talks about their short moments together amid the hectic campaign schedule.
“Still having fun on the trail U.S. Love being in Iowa with my wife Apoorva and our two boys,” Vivek Ramaswamy posted on August 7.

“Ours is a regular family. Vivek has been an ambitious boy since his childhood,” Ramaswamy’s father, VG Ramaswamy, who was an engineer with General Electric, said in an interview in February. Meanwhile, Vivek’s mother worked as a geriatric psychiatrist, and they moved to the U.S. from Kerala’s Palakkad.

Vivek Ramaswamy celebrates being an “outsider”. “It takes an outsider who knows the laws and constitution of the country to do it (fire 75 percent of the bureaucracy),” he says.

“The Department of Education, the FBI, the ATF, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the IRS, the Department of Commerce. Many of these should not exist,” Ramaswamy told Fox News Digital. “The FBI has a 35,842-person staff. Fifty-six percent of the bureau that are professional bureaucrats should be fired immediately,” he said on X on August 21.

In an interview with commentator Tucker Carlson, Ramaswamy also said that the U.S. government lied to its people on the 9/11 attacks.

The national-level tennis player shared a bare-torso video of him playing tennis, with the remarks, “Three hours of solid debate prep this morning.” He used Novak Djokovic’s victory in the Cincinnati Open title to deliver a backhand on “Covidism”.

Ramaswamy’s multifaceted journey spans both entrepreneurship and investment, with his biotech ventures and Strive Asset Management demonstrating his innovation and influence. While his political path remains uncertain, his unique perspective and bold approach have undeniably sparked significant interest and discussion within the political landscape.

The Last Bit, The vanguard of change, Vivek Ramaswamy’s ascent from the world of finance and biotech to the forefront of American politics is commendable.
His unapologetic embrace of capitalism, rejection of corporate wokeism, and innovative policy proposals have resonated with a segment of the population seeking a new direction.

As Ramaswamy competes in the Republican primary, his youthful energy, radical ideas, and commitment to principled conservatism continue to draw attention and inspire dialogue.

Regardless of the outcome, his presence challenges the status quo and reflects the evolving nature of American politics—a space where voices from unexpected backgrounds can impact the national conversation and potentially shape the course of the nation.


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