#VocalForLocal: How KillerLaunch is promoting PM Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local push is an online job platform that helps in connecting employers to those seeking jobs. By promoting better job opportunities, KillerLaunch has helped a large number of students to find suitable online jobs or internships based on their qualifications. The recruiters can submit the available vacancies on this platform, and the students can find and apply them to those posts quite easily. The user-friendly interface and visually pleasing layout help you to filter and seek jobs according to your preferences. As soon as you apply, you can receive all the updates and further steps regarding your application via email.
KillerLaunch has proven to be similarly helpful for employers as they can now find and recruit suitable workers within minutes. The constant communication between the recruiters and job seekers helps to improve transparency and authenticity for both the parties. You will receive all information about where you are standing with the application, so you do not have to worry about holding false hope. All you need to do is present an honest resume with valid proof and display your enthusiasm to take up the job. With the help of KillerLaunch, you can reap the benefits of a full-time profession by doing an online job. 

The current need for online jobs 

The increasing rate of unemployment in the present COVID-19 crisis has affected all sections of society and especially the blue-collar employees. According to the statistics, India can lose around 130 million jobs this year due to the COVID – 19 situation. With many people not being able to travel to the workplace, all companies have been promoting online jobs and work from home jobs. This new attitude towards employment has also shown its reflection in the hiring sector. 
Enterprises like tourism, automobile, airports, etc., have had to put their undertakings on hold for a while. However, other realms such as medical services, technology, and life sciences, have been burdened with a great need for workers. In spite of these differences, the shared burden for all industries, during COVID-19, is the interruption to HR and recruitment. Along with making adjustments in accordance with the cutbacks and halted systems, the companies, as well as those looking for jobs, had to turn to work from home. Indians were not ready to give up despite the trying times and have evolved themselves to survive the pandemic. As a result, online jobs are now gaining more prominence than ever. 

The relevance of Killer Launch

In a scenario where the normal recruitment procedures are at a standstill, KillerLaunch proves its relevance by solving the unemployment problem to a large extent. Graduates all over the country are now applying for online jobs which can give them a similar experience qualification of full-time employment. The new method of hiring might also be here to stay as it is more convenient for the recruiters as well. Even after the health crisis, the work from home method can be fruitful as it saves time, effort and money. The employees can also redeem the time they spend travelling to and from the workplace and use it for beneficial tasks. 
Even amidst the pandemic, KillerLaunch has helped many employers to move forward with their procedures. It also promotes PM Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local Push which urges the citizens to be self-dependent. To uphold the Indian economy, the people of this nation need to be self-reliant. KillerLaunch realises that the first step to making this mission possible is to create ample job opportunities. By actively connecting the employees and employers, companies are able to get the workforce that they require in this time of crisis. Anyone can find online jobs that would suit their skills and interest. This new remedy could also convince young people to stay in the country instead of travelling abroad looking for employment. 

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The features of KillerLaunch online jobs

KillerLaunch strives every day to make sure that ample resources are given to those who have recently lost jobs or the students who are seeking online jobs. During the COVID-19 situation, the mission of KillerLaunch is to improve the whole country’s situation by supporting all sections of the economy. All companies who post vacancies on KillerLaunch go through strict verification processes before they can hire job-seekers. In addition, KillerLaunch not only offers jobs across businesses, like, advertising, account, deals, media but also has wide-open doors for online jobs which you can take up for full-time or part-time.
With the crash of the economy, people are willing to do all kinds of blue-collar jobs to support their families. Individuals who lack the crucial requirements can make use of the advantages of KillerLaunch to obtain smaller vacancies like data entry or typing jobs. Furthermore, KillerLaunch, one of the best job sites in India, also utilises the vast opportunity offered by the wide use of social media. As we already know, the internet is not only used as an entertainment media but also a marketing platform. To make the most out of this chance, KillerLaunch has recently introduced an accomplice program for the job-seekers. They can now take part in PM Narendra Modi’s Local for Vocal Push by referring the KillerLaunch platform to their friends. 

Further down the road

The employers need to make certain changes to their usual recruitment procedures in order to make the most out of this opportunity. They ought to clearly define the prerequisites and advantages of the vacancy. This can help the job seekers to save the time wasted on going after positions that they are unfit for and will assist the recruiters in shortlisting the candidates quickly. KillerLaunch also encourages the companies to state whether the job will require workers to relocate to or will it remain as an online job. 
Furthermore, they can also seek the answer to the most relevant inquiry in the present situation: How will the organisation support the employees who contract COVID-19? Those who are looking for an online job should also be straightforward about their salary expectation on KillerLaunch so that they can concentrate on the occupation postings that are suitable for them. All reports with respect to shortlisting and recruiting are accessible quickly on the KillerLaunch, and they can also receive it on their email id or contact number. 
Source: Techstory

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