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Takeaway: The benefits of work from home are plentiful, but you should consider other pitfalls before you take a step in your remote job quest.

Pros of working from home

1. Work flexibility

Finding an online internship search allows you to build your routine and work when its the most suitable. If that’s at 5:00 a.m; so for you, that ‘s perfect. If you’re a night owl, so you’re not going to feel bad for putting in hours at night instead of waking up super early in the morning.

2. Autonomy

There is usually an acknowledged sense of duty and trust that everyone feels in work-from-home positions. You will make more of your own choices. This is a beautiful feeling and will improve your confidence because you have more responsibility and a sense of empowerment.

3. No more work attire

What’s more inconvenient than to wake up early to beat traffic? Waking up early to make sure you have enough time to shave and then iron your pants. You don’t need to worry about wrinkled clothes in the FMCG companies in India because you can work in your comfortable clothes at home.

4. Work-life balance

You would be able to spend more quality time with your kids, take care of your exercise regimen, look out for business ideas in India and maybe even start eating better because you won’t be tempted to go out and have lunch if you left it at home in the refrigerator.

Cons of working from home

1. Limited Social Interactions

Working online will get lonely in a rush. If you’re going to live where you work, your co-workers will be miles away, and you won’t have someone to communicate with you. There can be times when you’re going for most of the day without even saying a word.

2. Distractions

Being at home is beautiful and all, but be vigilant because it opens up Pandora’s box to a lot of distractions. Only think about it, you can sleep, do chores, what could go wrong? Distractions will quickly find their way through your working day if you’re not actively stopping them.

3. You need to be disciplined

Your online startup stories have given you the privilege of not getting a supervisor doing micro-management and telling you what to do all the time. You now have to ensure that your work is completed promptly and that you remain competitive and productive.

4. Lack of seriousness

Many people don’t get the idea of remote work and getting an online career through job portals in India. They think that just because you work from home, you either don’t make any money, are unemployed, or have some mythical job that’s too hard to explain.


The remote working lifestyle is challenging to come back because so many upsides are there. Yet sunshine and rainbows aren’t always going to be there, so try to take down the downsides described above.

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