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Want your Microsoft Excel files to almost run themselves? Master VBA for just $25

Mastering software is all about understanding the hidden tricks in an app that save time while still getting the job done right. How often have you wished you could just automatically remove all those line breaks from a Microsoft Word doc? Or cleanly import data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a click?
What you may not know is that there’s already a program in Microsoft Office that can probably handle what you’re proposing. It’s Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) — and even though it’s been around for 25 years, lots of users don’t realize how it can be used to automate a lot of the repetitive Office tasks that drive you crazy.
The Microsoft VBA Bundle ($25.50, 78 percent off from TNW Deals with promo code: MERRY15) unlocks the mysteries of the app and shows you how to use VBA’s capabilities to become an Excel super-user.
This collection features two courses that can help shave hours off the time spent by even the most adept Excel wizards. Microsoft VBA outlines what the program can do and why fans say it’s like putting Excel on steroids. This course helps identify operations, manage variables and automate certain Excel tasks that make actually manipulating Excel data so much easier.
In Advanced VBA, your training gets down into the super-details, like how to program and launch certain Excel events, how to create customized classes for special objects and more tasks for addressing your specific Excel needs.
Both courses are also CPD accredited, which means you’ll not only be able to include your new credentials on your resume, you’ll be able to prove your VBA prowess as well.
Together, these courses would normally cost almost $150, but with this TNW price cut, you can get both courses for just $25.50 with promo code: MERRY15.
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