What is technical SEO?

Website positioning otherwise known as SEO is aimed at increasing the position of a website in search results. It is a complex and multidimensional activity whose effects are not immediately visible. Effective positioning is a multi-faceted process that must be performed in parallel to content creation throughout the entire life cycle of the website.

What is SEO?

As mentioned earlier, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has the task of optimizing a website for a search engine. It aims to improve the visibility of the website in the organic search results (i.e. free). The process involves improving the technical aspects of the site and shaping the information architecture. Important in the whole process is constant expansion of content and building positioning links, i.e. those referring to other websites on the Internet.

technical SEO

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is any type of actions that are aimed at integrating into the website architecture in such a way that it is better recognised by search engine robots (mainly Google). If done correctly, it will influence better rendering, interpretation and indexing of the website. This will be associated with a higher result during organic search. It should be remembered that most users enter only the first sites in the results. If your website is not in a high position, your customer will probably never find it on the Internet.

Why should you optimize your pages?

Apart from making it easier for technical algorithms to interpret your website, SEO also has other benefits. Indexing your site correctly will allow you to see the impact of different types of actions on your site. Without indexing, this will not be possible at all, as it will not be visible in the search engines at all. Keep in mind that search engines give higher rankings to technically refined sites. Mobile-First Indexing can be taken as an example here.

A technically optimized site will be easy to use. This is especially important in this era of increasingly popular smartphone browsing. Lack of visible control menu or inadequate loading of images is for many users a sufficient argument to close the site and try to find information in other places. Security certificates are also very important. Their lack will probably make customers unwilling to give us any of their data and, for example, not make a purchase. Optimization for loading speed, on the other hand, decreases the rejection rate. A page that takes a long time to load often causes the user to abandon it.

What elements make up technical optimization?

Technical SEO optimization consists of many elements. In fact, each of them can be devoted to a separate article, so below they will only be listed to indicate what to pay attention to first.

  • Sitemap implementation – One of the most important points is the proper preparation and implementation of the site map. It should contain all URLs that are present on the site.
  • Adding robots.txt file to the website – it is a file placed on the server, which is intended to be read by web robots. Its task is to indicate traffic and block resources selected by the user. For example, you can exclude certain items from search to prevent duplicate content.
  • Introduction and optimization of tags on the site,
  • Introduce SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol – as mentioned earlier, sites without this type of security will be considered potentially dangerous by users and search engines.
  • Optimize URLs and introduce consistent internal links. The implementation of redirects and canonical links is also related to this point.
  • Implement structured data into the website,
  • Optimization for mobile devices and overall page speed.

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