Why Players Want To Skip KYC Verification

Know your customer or KYC is a common thing these days. You will have to complete this process in order to verify your account and then you can continue gambling. Although there are some casinos without verification available in the United Kingdom and all of them are described in this list, the majority of sites want a player to pass the verification process before allowing to play. It is not something all players like and we can see that many of them are looking for a way to ignore or avoid this process. But why this is the case? Let’s find out.

Hassle Is Present

You will need to complete all sorts of steps here. First of all, you have to take pictures of various ID documents and then upload them to the server of the online casino. You will need time to do this. Then, the casino will need time to approve them. If you are lucky, you can complete this within days., if you are not, you will have to wait for a week or even longer.

All the time gamblers have problems with this process. They are asked to take other photos, provide additional information, or simply the customer support is not responding. All of this takes time. During that time you won’t be able to gamble, win and withdraw your winnings which can be a huge hassle and a massive issue. All gamblers want to play games when they want and they want to be able to withdraw the winnings as soon as they win. This is one of the massive perks online casinos have and KYC can make it almost unavailable.

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There Is No Privacy

This is one of the most common reasons why gamblers don’t like KYC and want to avoid it. Once you have posted all the documents online, there is no privacy anymore. What this means is that your ID documents are going to stay online forever and the casino will know all the details about you. Keep in mind that this process may involve you providing documents where the casino can see your name, address, telephone number and so much more.

Many internet users don’t like the idea in their documents are online. We all know that if something ends up on the internet, it will stay there always. All of these are sensitive data and nobody wants to share them with parties they don’t know or with any parties except authorities. Honestly, this is a reason that we all accept and we believe that sending all the ID documents is something casinos should skip.

Possible Restrictions

If you like an online casino you can play there. But if your country doesn’t allow gambling online and you want to play at a specific online casino you will have a problem. This is something that can happen after the KYC process. That casino will see your country and even your address. As such, they can ban your account. This means that you cannot play games at the casino you like due to some rules. You are left with casinos that you don’t like or the ones that don’t offer a specific promotion you are looking for.

These restrictions are more common than you may believe and they happen all the time. KYC is responsible for them in some way, it is actually the main reason why operators ask you for verification. An interesting fact is that you can play games and win until you complete the KYC process. Once you complete it, a casino can block your access which doesn’t make any sense at all.

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Identity Theft

If you know that KYC requires from you to provide all the ID document photos you have and so much more you will be worried about possible identity theft. This is something that will probably never happen, but it can.

Let’s imagine a scenario in which hackers attack the server where your documents are. They can obtain these easily and sell them on the dark web. Another person can break the law and leave your documents as evidence. This means the obvious issue. You will be responsible for that problem. How can you even explain yourself?

Once again, we are all promised that this will never happen but is not some guarantee you can trust 100%. Even the most prominent companies and state facilities are hacked hence why an ordinary server cannot be hacked?

Avoiding KYC

Yes, there are some ways you can use to avoid this process. The first one is to play at casinos that don’t require KYC or they require it for high rollers only. You can check the casino terms and conditions and you will see all the explanations there.

The second way is to use a payment method that will not trigger KYC. The best example is cryptocurrency. Here you can make fast and free deposits at most casinos and don’t worry about any documents or verifications. You can also use Pay and Play method that is controlled by Trustly.

These methods are very effective and they are actually becoming more and more popular among gamblers. The reason why is obvious. More gamblers don’t want to complete KYC and they want their privacy. Using these methods and playing at casinos that don’t require KYC is therefore one desire many gamblers have.

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The Final Word

KYC may be important but it is something that gamblers don’t like. We would like to see an option to choose between completing KYC or avoiding it. Therefore, many users looking for guides and start using sites without KYC as they offer the same set of options and there are no additional steps before playing. After all, our data and our files are at stake so we should have the right to choose. Luckily, there is always an alternative when it comes to online gambling, something we like.

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