Why Use Instagram For Business


These days it is extremely important that your business has a good online presence, without which survival in the market is going to be bleak at best. Even though the world is filled with various social networking sites such as YouTube, which is still dominating the video market, Facebook, which modifies its algorithms every quarter, and Google, which is still the number one Search engine, Instagram made its mark with its unique algorithm and has quickly become the new people favourite. If you haven’t already begun using Instagram for your business, you should definitely check what Instagram has to offer, you might be missing out on a lot.

Daily Active Users
With 800 million active users and 500 million users checking in on a daily basis, Instagram is the new place to be. When so many people interact with Instagram on a daily basis, having your shop on Instagram is a no-brainer. And Instagram isn’t at the top for no reason. Instagram not only provides a comfortable social network platform for its users but also provides incredibly intuitive facilities for business owners. If you register your account as a Business account you get to enjoy analytics, insights, activity status, and much more to effectively govern your business.

Instagram Specials
Instagram brings a number of intuitive features to the table. Instagram ‘Stories’ enables you to post live footage and images in a slide-show format that lasts for 24 hours. These ‘Stories’ get much more visibility as they have a deadline and disappear after a day. So, it is a good way to bring people’s attention to your product or service. ‘Highlights’ are important checkpoints or milestones on your profile that mark important posts or events. They also get more visibility as compared to normal posts. Using hashtags in your posts increase your visibility and help you reach your target audience with much ease.

Customer Interaction and Chat
Just like any social networking platform you have the ability to chat with your followers and potential customers. You have to follow them before you can message them or initiate contact, but it’s a good way to make one-on-one communication with your customers. Engaging with your customers lets them know you’re not a faceless enterprise, it shows you are indeed a human being behind the brand and helps you win them over and earn their loyalty for your product.

Instagram Celebrities and Influencers
Just like any celebrity, Instagram celebrities are the ones who have a phenomenal following on Instagram. These Instagram celebrities or influencers have won thousands of hearts with their posts and videos. You as a business owner can get in touch with these influencers and promote your product to thousands of new customers.

Long story short, Instagram has been creating quite a rave in the digital market for the past few years. Like any other trend Instagram might last for decades or might get replaced by the next best thing, but at the moment Instagram has a lot of potential in boosting your business. So, what are you waiting for, get on Instagram and take your business to new heights! We at Reverse Thought are up to date with the latest trends and marketing techniques and can help you promote your product/service to the right target audience in no time. If you have any queries feel free to get in touch with us at:

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