Why We Love Being Mad, And you should too!

As per recent survey, it is believed that whopping 83% of the Indian youth workforce wants to quit their jobs and start up their own business. Out of this 83% only as many as 53% are able to carry out their set plans and establish their business. Even more so, only a handful out of these not only achieve the goals they have set for themselves but also leave examples for the others to follow.
One such story of success and hard work can be found in the personalized example of Mad Over Print Pvt. Ltd. Recognized under the Start-Up India Act of the Government of India in 2017, Mad Over Print has made a remarkable place for themselves in the business market, a place that is expanding its surface area with each passing day with tremendous accolades claimed in its name. Started almost two years ago, this company was the dream and passion of the young CEO and Director, Mr. Anurag Srivastava, who unlike many other young dreamers dared to leave behind a well established career to follow his ambitions and how! Being a Double Post Graduate himself, Mr. Srivastava still believes in the power of dreams and goals. Talking about the milestones he has crossed so far, he says that “No target is high enough if you have a supportive team and a motivation for success, for even sky is not the limit as there are foot prints on the Moon.”
Mad Over Print, as the CEO puts it, is primarily an Advertising Warehouse which caters to your advertising and marketing needs; all under one roof. The MOP Family consists of a team of young and professional employees who put in their heart and soul to meet the demands of their clients and ensure that the client is not just satisfied but happy with what they get from the association. During the short tenure that MOP has had in the business market, the company solely based on their performance and perseverance, has managed to get some prominent names under its clientele umbrella; some of them being AIESEC, Nokia, Amity University, Kent, ONGC, JIMS and AppInventive among many others. What make this company different from other competitive companies are the vision and the ethics that they follow. The primary motive of the company is to deliver quality services at affordable prices so much so that their prices can be openly compared in the market and they would win the challenge- Hands Down! Over the period of time, Mad Over Print has its share of contribution towards bringing the change in the working pattern by reaching out to the masses alongside optimum utilization of available resources. Talking about the philanthropic approach towards business Mr. Anurag Srivastava quotes the Cree Indian Proverb, “Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned, and the last fish has been caught, we will realize that we cannot eat money.”
Apart from Hard work and passion, professionalism and versatility are also some choice of worlds that can be added to the description of Mad Over Print. The team of young and talented people is well aware that stagnation is the constant evil that they have fight in the market and branching out is the key to keep moving ahead. The roots of MOP tree has become so strong that they have now even branched out and started bearing sweet fruits of labour. One such branch which symbolizes versatility and creativity is MOP Interiors. Led by the CEO himself, MOP Interiors has made a mark of its own at numerous places; in literal terms. The team has transformed the face value of offices and cafes in Delhi and NCR at not just reasonable prices but also in record time. Their ideas are unique and their execution is systematic. The results that they delivered is not acknowledged by their clients but also appreciated by the spectators.
Summing up the article, it would be safe to say that Mad Over Print Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way and they have an even longer way to go for them. So this one is to passion, to ambition, to courage, to hard work, to team spirit, to dedication and of course, to dreaming big! More power to MOP!

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