Ysquar3 throws light on the subject of money making in music business

The music industry is fiercely competitive and one has to really have an edge over others to make an impact, and make their presence felt, which can get them the required numbers that come out of constant projects they are a part of. However, it’s not as easy as it seems as one has to really work their butts off to reach a commendable position which gives access to the best of projects and money as well. New entrants are literally clueless when it comes to sustaining themselves for long, and there are various reasons behind it, as they are not aware of the workings of the music industry, where cut-throat competition prevails, and only the best ones survive and thrive.

Ysquar3 has been around the music scene for quite a long time and knows exactly what it takes to make a mark. Here he lays down his views which would help upcoming music artists gain a foothold in this vast music sphere which has the best of talents around.

According to him, a music artist can generate revenues from multiple streams apart from the music projects that come along.

  • At present, the majority of the artist’s revenues come from touring and partnering with other artists for stage shows.

  • There are various other avenues which can help an artist bring in additional income like streaming which has picked up pace in recent times with many music artists making a killing out of it.

  • Performing at high profile events also ensures an addition source of income for a music artists

Ysquar3 strongly feels that to make the right impact as a music artist a few things need to be focussed upon, which are mentioned below:

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  • Work hard on bringing out a solid song or EP, that establishes you into the mainstream

  • Modern age technological advancements allows artists to solely monetise their own music so there’s no need for a record label to release your music

  • Try to release music on digital music streaming platforms for maximum listenership

  • Concentrate on the paperwork, and know about its ins and outs before signing the dotted line

  • Focus on building a brand

  • Get hold of all sorts of licences right from performance licence to sync licence which helps supplement income

  • Right kind of promotion is the key to success, focussing on your niche and delivering on time helps you go a long way

  • Build a team of trusted peers and be careful who you take advice from

“To stay fresh in people’s minds an artist has to keep churning out music at regular intervals which helps them stay afloat and ring in new projects from time to time,” says Ysquar3 who has been around for more than a decade, having given more than 35 hits till date revolving around the melodic techno genre. He strongly feels that to make an impact, an artist has to do everything possible that makes his work grab attention, as that’s what boosts money inflow at a steady pace.

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