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Products Are Sold At Higher Price Than Normal Days, Customers Are Cheated In The Name Of Flipkart Big Billion Day Sales 2021, Manipulating Customers Mind With Dirty Discount Game

Big Billion Day Sale 2021 is another addon to the series of scams done by Flipkart


Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale has gone live, and so has its marketing gimmick of fooling its consumers. While the sale claims that they are giving 30-90 per cent discount on items, well, they forget to mention that these discounts are not on actual prices but the prices that they have artificially jacked up just for the occasion.

Here’s how it works.

Ahead of the Big Billion Day sale, Flipkart jacks up the prices of its items, much more than the actual and average prices, and then offers hefty discounts on them in the sale to fool the consumer into thinking they are saving this much money on the purchase and getting a crazy deal. In many instances, the final prices end up being more than the actual price that was there before the sale, so you may end up incurring a loss also. So much for a sale, isn’t it?

Well, we don’t come empty handed with these accusations, because there’s evidence for it all. There are apps and Chrome extensions that allow you to monitor prices of a particular product on a website over the past few days. Find one such screenshot below-

flipkart big billion day

The image above shows the variation in the price of Samsung Galaxy F6 over the past few days. On September 29, 3 days before the sale, the model was priced at Rs 17,999, exactly what it was available for on the Mobile Company’s own website too.

However, 9 hours before the Big Billion Day sale, on October 2nd, the same item’s price was hiked up to Rs 23,999. Note also that these amounts are given after discounts, meaning that according to Flipkart, the actual prices are way beyond these large numbers.



But, on the very same day, Samsung’s own website showed that the exact same product was available at the same old price of Rs 17,999, as can be seen from the image below-

big billion day


So much for offering a discount.

And well, now we are well into the Big Billion Day sale, the sale that’s supposedly going to give consumers large discounts on the purchase of electronics and a variety of consumer items. Let’s see how much does this exact same product cost us in the sale-


Oh well, after an apparent 36 per cent off on the artificially hiked up price just to create the illusion of a discount, we’re still going to end up paying more for it than its actual price. The after discount value of Samsung Galaxy F62 in the country’s largest sale is Rs 18,999, down from the god knows how Rs 29,999, when, in reality, the cost of the item is actually Rs 17,999.

This price of Rs 17,999 was exactly what Flipkart was offering a few days ago, before the sale, and is exactly what Samsung is still offering, reflecting the actual price of the product.


The only difference between these ups and downs of prices is the apparent sale, with which they create the illusion to the consumer that they are offering these hefty discounts, when in actuality, they are just cutting off on the artificially inflated prices. In most cases, the consumer ends up saving nothing, if not losing money.

And this is true not only for one category of items, but a lot of such categories too. Electronics, consumer products and similar categories fetch the biggest revenue to Flipkart during these Big Billion Day sales.


Flipkart uses this Big Billion Day sale to hoax its consumers into thinking that they have been gaining from the purchase of a particular item, but it is actually a mere psychological manipulation to fool them into purchasing.

The only one actually gaining from this big fat sale, is Flipkart itself, for they registers billions in revenues during the Big Billion Day sale, and commoners like you and I lose out more than we end up saving.

Simerleen Kaur
Simerleen Kaur
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