Inverters 101: All You Need to Know About Inverters

Inverters 101: All You Need to Know About Inverters

Inverters are becoming a need in every home. Ever increasing load shedding, maintained power outs, and disruptive power interruptions, especially in the summer, might disrupt your work routine and personal life.

Having an adequate power backup system at home is a simple approach to lessen the issues caused by power outages.

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If you’re used to having air conditioners, being without one during the heat may be challenging.

And what about sitting in a room with no fan? That is nearly intolerable. Inverters are an essential if your neighborhood has frequent power outages or if you wish to have backup power in case of an emergency.

An inverter is an amazing piece of equipment that offers consistent power throughout the duration of a power cut.

Moreover, compared to a generator they are more environment-friendly, work silently and depending on your power requirement the inverter’s load capacity;

it can support multiple heavy load appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, pumps, geysers, etc.

If you ever wondered about the inner workings of inverters and would like to know more about them,

then you are at the right place as will discuss all the cool stuff about inverters that you know little about.

How Inverters Work - The Engineering Mindset

How Does an Inverter Work?

Simply put, an inverter works by converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) stored in the battery unit, which is then fed to your appliances keeping them up and running during a power cut.

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Knowing The Different Types of Inverters

Inverters can be designed around multiple technologies. These days, you can buy an inverter based on 1 of the 3 technologies currently available.

  1. Pure Sine Wave

A pure sine wave inverter is the best one you can get as they are based on the latest technology.

A sine wave inverter gives you the most efficient performance while being completely silent and matches the voltage of the mains keeping your expensive appliances safe while in operation.

  1. Modified Sine Wave

Modified sine wave inverters are based on previous gen technology before sine wave became mainstream.

They make a humming sound while the inverter is in operation and lack the finesse that pure sine wave inverters offer.

  1. Square Wave

This a low-grade technology that’s not a desirable option for people looking for a high-quality inverter.

They are often designed poorly and come with mediocre service life and a high cost of ownership, making them less popular among consumers.

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Benefits of a Great Quality Inverter

  • A good quality inverter comes with superior lifecycle and very low cost of ownership
  • Seamless transition to power during an outage
  • Provides exceptional protection against overcharge and short-circuits
  • Offers backup for extended period throughout its service life

An inverter is the perfect accessory for your home no matter whether you face a lot of power cuts, or they are less frequent but last longer; an inverter gives you control over your life by keeping all of your electronic appliances up and running during power cuts.

Moreover, the low-cost of ownership and a great service life of a great quality inverter makes it a one-time investment that will last for years and even decades before requiring you to upgrade to a new one.

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So, there you have it, all the essential information that you should have handy in case you are looking for an inverter for your household.

In case you actively looking up inverters online and want to purchase one, there are some great options available in Luminous’ catalog.

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They are market leaders and are known for building the highest-quality products in the home power backup segment, so you can be sure of the inverter’s quality. So don’t forget to check them out!

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