SARVVID BOX: To address your cloud storage issues, use the latest SARVVID AI.

Sarvvid Box- a very safe, secure, and confidential platform

SARVVID Launched SARVVID BOX in October for desktop, iOS, and Android devices, as well as Sarvvid online for desktop, is available on Google Play Store. The programme is a blockchain-inspired Indian data storage platform that operates on a decentralised cloud storage system that gives storage choices for both companies and individual users.

SARVVID promotes the goal of making India THE DATA CAPITAL and making it self-reliant and self-sufficient in terms of managing all of its resources. Sarvvid Box provides India with a very safe, secure, and confidential platform for storing all of their data over a network of nodes (servers) rather than a single centralised server, and allowing each user control over their data. It is India’s first decentralised cloud storage provider, and it encourages all new companies and entrepreneurs to utilise local for all their data storage needs.

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The application is user-friendly and offers free storage up to 20GB for the first 35000 users, after which it is priced at INR2 per GB until 5TB of storage, making it suitable for individual customers. However, SARVVID offers packages with more reasonable prices, beginning at Silver and progressing to Platinum (available on the website), which are beneficial for not only individuals but also entities such as academic institutions, the hospitality sector, the health sector, and buddies.

Other Giants Companies have complete access to the data accessible, but the general public lacks control over their data. Over time, this fosters information exploitation and misuse, leads to a lack of attention in user requirements whereas, The Sarvvid App protects your decentralised data. Due to the decentralised method in which your data is spread among the nodes, making it difficult to access by anyone other than the primary user, your data is completely safe in this app.


Apart from that SARVVID also includes technology with features like well-organized services. Data, that is, the data you have uploaded, is saved in an organised manner, and Decentralized Cloud Storage, that is, the data you have uploaded, is kept in an organised manner. Your information is kept on a decentralised cloud storage system.

Uploaded and downloads with a single swipe, access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week If you would like to access your data to your PC or laptop, you can do so using a feature in the app called Sarvvid Web, and Single User, which is one of the main features of this app is that it is single user-centric, meaning that only the main user or data owner can access the data, are some other features of this programme.

How can one resist using a service like this? When a corporation or a startup requires storage space less than 5TB, they will have to spend INR 2 per GB to acquire storage to upload their data further.

Aside from this, you can contact the firms to get the following plans for yourself personally:







Single user

Minimum 2TB File storage

Gmail Integration

Real-time collaboration

INR 1.00/GB


Minimum 5TB File storage

Access to Nodes Dashboard

Gmail Integration

Real-time collaboration

INR 1.25/GB

Customizable access

Minimum 10TB File storage

Access to Nodes Dashboard

Gmail Integration

Real-time collaboration

INR 0.75/GB

One time payment

Data Insurance

Customizable access and more than 100 users

Unlimited File storage

Access to Nodes Dashboard

Gmail Integration

Real-time collaboration

Yearly Payment

One time payment

Data Insurance

“ This is the first firm in India to provide a decentralised solution to the digital storage problem. Decentralized file storage systems operate by storing your data on a decentralised network among several computers, or nodes. These systems provide benefits such as more privacy, quicker speeds, fairer market values, and reduced information loss because there is no single point of failure or one authority who has supervision over your files. In other words, you’ll be the master of your own data, breaking the monopoly control of the large tech firm that has made privacy a toy”.

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“The data is owned by no single institution or government, making it difficult to access. The data is uploaded and sharded into small bits, encrypted, and dispersed over a strong global network of nodes, where it may be accessed in seconds by the data’s owner” says, Manish Soni, CEO, Sarvvid.

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