As pioneers in the invoice discounting business in India aimed at providing working capital financing to SMEs, the founders of Finworks360 realized that lag in timely provision of working capital financing to MSME is one of the biggest factors which inhibits its growth. The need of the hour demanded collaboration of the conventional way of doing the Invoice discounting with the latest technology.

This is how the Finworks360 was born.


A wholly owned subsidiary of M/S Northern Lights Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Finworks360 aims to match eligible MSMEs with short term funding requirements with an investor who is looking at liquidity deployment or portfolio diversification with handsome returns. 

Fintech has enabled to open up the business of invoice discounting, once a niche financing business available only to institutional lenders, to any investor, including retail individual investor.

 Today, Finiworks360 is contributing to the business growth of various MSMEs across the country. Many of its associate MSMEs has grown up to 4 times in their turnover within a span of 2 years. 


Our Journey: Finworks360 has been instrumental in making the invoice discounting a safe way of carrying the business and be a partner in the seller’s growth. Imagine a small manufacturing unit or a service company setup by an energetic entrepreneur with all the right intentions. He is getting the business and sees the growth happening rapidly over a period of time. He is expanding his team and infrastructure as he foresees the business coming to him. Everything is going fine in this story until he gets into chicken and egg situation. He needs to expand his resources to meet up with the growing demand of the business, for this he needs funds, once he infuses the funds and start meeting the business demands, he starts getting his sales increased and the invested money start coming back in chunks. This cycle begins and now he is back in the businesswith a sustainable growth model before him. This business cycle also includes 45 days to 90 days’ credit period which normally seller’s client takes to pay him on his raised invoices against the products/ services provided.

All these instances require funds infusion to the business for an intermittent period as and when required, that too within a very short span or notice. This is where Finworks360 comes into picture and lends a hand to the MSME/ seller to meet the short fall in working capital for intermittent period throughout the year. Our clients get funds as early as within 1 hour after raising of the invoice to their debtors. This way, our associate sellers are focusing on their core competence area without worrying about the working capital deficit.


Finworks360 invites Investors (Individuals or Institutional) to participate in discounting of the invoices listed on its platform. The investor may invest in any of the invoice of his choice with any amount he is comfortable with. The investment process is very simple, Just signup on and you are good to go for the investments in invoices raised on A/ A+ rated debtors. The investors is always well informed about his investments via. Messages and mails. All the required reports are available on his dashboard that was created after his signup process. 

The business gets funding against its invoices and the investor get a chance to earn interest ranging from 12.5% to 16% per annum, on its investment for the duration till the invoice is settled by the seller’s client. The settlement proceed is used to pay back the principal and interest amount to the investor. All this complex process is backed up by state of the art software developed by Finworks360 tech team that keeps on evolving the product and ensure the privacy and integrity of the data that resides in the system.

Channel partners Program:

Finworks360 also offers a Channel partner program for entities / individuals / wealth management firms etc., to get associated with it by connecting MSMEs / businesses or interested investors (Individuals or NBFCs) on its platform .


Future Plans:

In its brief journey of less than 2 years till now, Finworks360 has already crossed 200 Cr. (INR) turnover. Growing at a rapid pace, the target is to cross 1500 Cr. (INR) mark by the end of 2024. To scale up the growth in FY 2023-24, Raising funds through diluting equity is also on the cards.



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