5 Tips To Help You Survive Long Flights and Feel Refreshed Upon Arrival

Are you dreading the idea of sitting on a long flight? While flights from Spain to France are often quick and fun, long-flights don’t feel the same. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, taking a long flight can be tiring and exhausting. But with the right preparations and attitude, you can stay refreshed and arrive at your destination feeling ready to tackle whatever awaits you. Here are 5 tips to help you survive long flights and feel refreshed upon arrival.


5 Tips to Help You Survive Long Flights and Feel Refreshed Upon Arrival


1) Stay Hydrated


Hydration is key for surviving a long flight and arriving at your destination feeling refreshed. While in-flight snacks and drinks are usually available, it’s a good idea to bring some of your own water or other drinks with you. Aim to drink a cup of water or other non-alcoholic beverage every hour to stay hydrated during the flight. Be sure to pack empty, reusable water bottles and fill them up once you pass through security to save on plastic consumption.


2) Get Up and Walk Around


One of the best tips for surviving a long flight is to get up and walk around every few hours. This can help you stay alert and prevent fatigue from settling in. Taking regular breaks from sitting in the same spot for long periods of time will also help you reduce stiffness and improve circulation. When you get up, move around the cabin and stretch your legs. Go to the restroom or take a short walk down the aisle if space allows. Doing this will help you stay alert and feel more refreshed when you arrive at your destination.


3) Eat Light and Healthy Meals


Aeroplane food can often be heavy, greasy and unhealthy, so it’s best to plan ahead and bring your own meals if possible. If you don’t have the option to bring your own food, try to stick to lighter, healthier fare from the in-flight menu. When possible, choose dishes that include lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. Avoid fried and processed foods as much as you can – they won’t keep you full for very long and can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. If you’re feeling hungry but aren’t too keen on aeroplane food, you can bring some snacks like trail mix, dried fruit, or granola bars for a quick pick-me-up. Keeping healthy snacks on hand can also help prevent bingeing on unhealthy options when hunger strikes.


4) Stretch and Move Your Body


Flying can be a taxing experience on your body. Sitting in the same position for extended periods of time can lead to stiffness, cramps, and even back pain. To help counteract this, make sure to stretch and move your body throughout your flight. Doing simple exercises such as neck rolls, arm circles, and ankle rotations can help improve circulation and reduce soreness. Additionally, you can stand up and walk around the cabin at least once per hour to get the blood flowing. You can also look for ways to bring movement into your in-flight entertainment. For example, playing a game on your laptop or tablet that requires you to move your hands and arms can help keep your body active. Stretching and moving your body during long flights can help prevent stiffness, ensure better circulation, and leave you feeling more refreshed when you arrive at your destination.


5) Take Advantage of In-Flight Entertainment


One of the best ways to stay entertained and pass the time on a long flight is to take advantage of the entertainment options available on board. Many airlines offer in-flight movies, music, and games that you can use to help make your flight more enjoyable. If you’re planning a long flight, it’s a good idea to bring your own headphones so you can listen to music or watch movies without disturbing other passengers. It’s also important to be prepared for unexpected delays. If you find yourself stuck on the plane longer than expected, having an activity planned such as a book or game will help keep you occupied. Additionally, some airlines now offer Wi-Fi service, allowing you to surf the web or stream shows and movies while in the air. No matter what type of in-flight entertainment you choose, it’s important to use it in moderation. Too much screen time can cause fatigue and headaches, so be sure to take breaks often and get up to stretch. Taking advantage of the in-flight entertainment is a great way to make your flight more enjoyable and help the time pass quickly.


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