Top 31 Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start in India by 2022

Top 31 Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start in India by 2022

Due to India’s economy and technology boom, the automobile industry is on the rise. New businesses and startups have flourished as a result. Despite the slowdown in the economy, the number of car care businesses is expected to increase. The future seems full of opportunities for further growth based on the forward-looking indicators.


Innumerable jobs are created, and the society of Indian automobile manufacturers provides business opportunities. Vehicles are becoming more prevalent. An individual vehicle owner’s increasing average mileage is another factor. Innovating and creative entrepreneurs are attracted to the automotive industry. That’s why we have some great business ideas involving automobiles and cars for you.


Ideas for Businesses related to Automobiles & Cars

10 highly profitable automobile business ideas – AtulHost

  • Open an Auto Interior Shop

Automobiles are designed to offer a comfortable, plush, and individualized experience tailored to the individual’s needs. Though the exteriors of an automobile should be considered in the context of others, you also have to consider the interiors if not for the benefit of others.

Today, auto accessories shops are becoming increasingly popular and delight vehicle owners. In this regard, an auto interior shop can be a good business option if you are interested in automobiles.


  • Lubrication Oil Retail Shop

Certainly, fuel oils are necessary for an automobile, but we often overlook lubrication oils, which are just as, if not more, important. A vehicle’s ability to function at its best is directly related to its lubrication oil. Despite this, lubrication oil is not sold everywhere, except in petrol stations, making it even more difficult to get.


  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly rising. Additionally, the manufacture of electric cars is also receiving all the world’s support to finally rid ourselves of our cursed carbon footprints. 

In addition to reducing overall costs and pollution, electric vehicles also need readily available charging stations to thrive. Anyone looking to build an automobile-related business can, therefore, benefit from investing in electric vehicle charging stations. 


  • Automobile Franchises

As the number of automobiles on the road increases, the automobile franchise business is growing rapidly. Therefore, a car franchise is a great option if you have a business idea to start in the automotive industry.


  • Car Wash Business

Mobile car washes are an excellent way to make a lot of money without risking a lot of capital. Mobile car washes also allow you to avoid having a retail storefront. 


  • Trucking business

Transport of goods from the manufacture to the state of consumption is part of the automobile business plan. Raw materials, machines, cooked products, etc., are transported. India’s automobile industry can benefit greatly from this.


  • Packers and Movers

Throughout life, everything changes, and we never know where we’ll be one moment from now. The good news is that we can always keep our belongings safe with reliable packers and movers services. Packers and movers services remain a valuable vehicle business idea that ensures positive returns as long as there is a constant demand for trustworthy movers.


  • Automobile Spraying & Branding Workshop

The automobile is seen as a useful travel companion and a symbol of class and status. Above all, it should be maintained well to receive the appropriate level of service. Furthermore, everyone wants to make their cars look dapper and unique on the road, and this is why most people decide to opt for automobile spraying services, which set their vehicle apart from the rest. Further, branding your automobiles by sprinkling them with your brand colours is effective. You may well find success in setting up a spraying and branding workshop if you are interested in automobiles and looking forward to creating profitable business ideas in the automobile industry.


  • Sale of Motor Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle owners are at risk of theft, accidents, and damages when their vehicles are present. A car is an expensive purchase that a specific policy shouldn’t cover. Those who sell motor vehicle insurance can also make a lot of money out of business; many people make a fortune by selling motor vehicle insurance. 


  • Auto Locksmith Business

A car’s insurance service and its locks are responsible for its security. Imagine going without locks on a car? It would be a nightmare, wouldn’t it?

Security is also becoming an increasingly important concern and the launch of high-end, expensive vehicles. There is no way to predict when our car locks will suddenly break down. But when we employ a reliable and experienced locksmith, we’re in good hands. The demand for auto locksmith services will not go down anytime soon, making the business a rare but lucrative choice.


  • Vehicle Licensing Brokerage Service

Regardless of where you live or the type of vehicle you drive, you will need a vehicle license. Additionally, it is pretty lucrative. Does the licensing of vehicles have a full-fledged industry?

While brainstorming business ideas in the automotive industry, you can also consider vehicle licensing and brokerage services, given the increasing demand, it is experiencing lately.


  • Tire Store Retail Business

Managing tire store business opportunities requires complete inventory control and knowledge of tire types with unique numbers. Small towns and metropolitan cities both offer the chance to start this business.


  • Food Truck

31 Automobile Business Ideas and Car-related Business Ideas

Food is always a profitable business, even though automobile business plans involve food in India. Consumers near beaches are especially attracted to these food trucks.


  • Battery Reconditioning Business

The battery reconditioning business can restore batteries with lost capacity to their total capacity. Chemicals and simple methods can be used to regain capacity. Due to the growing vehicle population and cost-conscious consumers, it is evident that this business has significant potential to grow.


  • Rental and Ridesharing Cars

Business plans for rental and ridesharing cars and bike rental startups experienced the most growth. An example of the same is uber and ola. India’s automotive industry is poised to benefit from the arrival of rental cars and ridesharing.


  • Automobile Magazine

A profitable automobile business idea is to publish an automobile magazine. The market has a high demand for such a magazine. Individuals can launch this business with a professional editorial and marketing infrastructure by focusing on a niche audience.


  • Vehicle Review Blogging

Anyone can start a vehicle review business from home at a low cost. This review blog will help individuals decide about a vehicle that’s right for them by offering them information.


  • Mobile Windshield Repairing

A mobile windshield repair business can be developed with low startup capital from the comfort of your own home. The company requires little inventory and low operating costs, making it suitable for anyone with a good marketing plan.


  • Airport Bus Shuttle Service

Airport shuttles require no introduction. The ability to move larger crowds to their flights inside the airports quickly requires vehicles like buses. If you consider starting a vehicle business, the shuttle service can also serve as an excellent option.


  • Auto Accessories Store

There are a growing number of automobiles, and with an increase in automobiles comes an increase in the need for their maintenance. It is a great business plan for those looking to build an automobile-related company as auto repair and accessories stores have multiplied their incomes manifold during the last couple of decades.


  • Aviation Fuel Supply

Travel is one of our favourite pastimes. Aeroplanes allow us to travel within or outside our country as fast and efficiently as we desire at affordable rates, and they make our trips as comfortable as we desire. Fuel supply, in general, has also been increased by this expansion of the aviation industry. You should, therefore, consider aviation fuel supply services when thinking about vehicle business ideas!


  • Exporting Automobile Parts

Exporting automobile parts is the next step in the automobile business plan. Several factors make India an ideal source of spare parts for many foreign manufacturers. The country is the top supplier of spare parts for global luxury brands.

  • Auto-Body Store

Services provided by the auto-body store include repairing and building automobile bodies and selling spare parts and accessories related to automobile bodies. With the growing number of vehicles, auto-body stores will also see increased business opportunities.


  • Tow Trucking Service

When a vehicle is damaged or abandoned, a towing service business helps the owner wheel their car to the service station or where it will be parked. It requires substantial capital investment for an entrepreneur with knowledge of the towing arrangements for breakdown vehicles to start this business.


  • Automobile Repair Service

Bridging the Divide: Autonomous Vehicles and the Automobile Industry | Center for Strategic and International Studies

A thriving automobile business idea, this is perineal among automobile business ideas. This business model can be rewarding in this industry, and it is a quintessential model. Regular maintenance and repair of automobiles are a given because of their constant use.


  • Driving school

Driving schools can be a self-rewarding and profitable business. Someone with a flair for marketing can initiate running a driving school.


  • Restoration Business


Due to the lack of restoration professionals, the revival of vintage cars has been considered a luxury. The restoration of automobiles and other automotive business ideas have picked up momentum in India after the internet boom. 

A change in the economy has led to a change in taste among the people of India, leading to “customization” based on their personal preferences. In addition, there have been many festivals displaying antique cars in the metro cities. Previously useless cars are being restored to their former glory. Based on the quality of work in the automotive industry in India, the restoration of automobiles can be highly profitable.


  • Courier Service

The Indian Postal Service is the oldest courier service in India. In 1774, the company began operating in the country. A field with a rich history of 224 years, which has only improved and grown greatly throughout the country. Furthermore, the automotive industry has offered huge opportunities to start-up companies looking to expand into this sector. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment to start a vehicle business. 


  • Dump Truck/Waste Disposal Service

Disposal services and fresh delivery go hand in hand. The industry must attract newcomers with decent ROI by offering effective disposal services. The industry must manage waste effectively. Dump trucks or waste disposal services may be a good choice for innovative and promising automobile business ideas, given the rise in popularity they have seen in recent years.


  • Limo Service

With the development of automobile technology, inconvenience, comfortability, cost-effectiveness, and luxury have all been combined into one. Four-wheelers offer affordable cars that satisfy the general public’s needs and the advantage of premium vehicles that appeal to the affluent. When it comes to automobile-related businesses, limo services are one of the best high-end services modelled after the automobile industry.


  • Mobile Mechanic Service

Only well-maintained automobiles perform well. A well-functioning automobile depends on good auto repair and maintenance. Up until now, automobile mechanics have provided stationery services. Mobile mechanic services are a revolution that has entered the industry with the appearance of mobile mechanic services. As a result, this is also creating a large number of new employment opportunities and, together with it, is propelling the present generation of entrepreneurs.

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