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Top 10 Best SOP Writing Services in India- Study Abroad

Top 10 SOP Writing Services in India- Study Abroad

Having an international degree influences people’s perspectives towards you. Students are working diligently to get seats in a foreign institution to gain a better understanding and outlook in a particular field. If you wish to complete the Master’s program from a foreign university, you will need what is called an SOP or a Statement of Purpose. Today we will discuss the most impactful, highly recommend, and most trusted Top 10 SOP Writing Services in India.


What is a Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the most important essays you will present before the academic committee, determining an applicant’s admission and opening the doors to prestigious institutions. Your Statement of Purpose explains why you chose a particular university, your previous experiences (if any), and what you plan to achieve at the end of your applied study.

Some students spend days or even months writing a flawless statement of purpose by themselves.

Many people can write, but only a few can deliver it concisely yet clean and easy to understand. An SOP writer could provide you with just that within a week. An SOP writing services provide students with professionals at the top of the SOP writing game. These professionals provide excellent quality content that is well researched and relevant to your course, ensuring that it contains every detail your admission counselors need. If you are going to pay to get your Statement of Purpose written, you might as well get it written by someone who has years of experience. After thoroughly researching and analyzing various parameters, we bring about the top 10 SOP writing services in India through this article.


Top 10 SOP Writing Services | NOT JUST A NUMBER!


Content Euphoria

sop writing

 SunDeep Mehra, one of the globally acclaimed and India’s No.1 SOP Writer, is the brain behind the formation of Content Euphoria. With Content Euphoria, he hopes to create an ecosystem that would generate and supply euphoric content for long-term growth while considering current market trends and career objectives. Content Euphoria’s team of 50+ expert writers, editors and managers produce high-quality SOPs at reasonable prices. Their salient features  include:


  • Taking care of your personal touch

A flawless statement of purpose never has a monotonous tone. Every individual has a distinct personality and a unique story. So when it comes to writing SOP, there is no one-size-fits-all template. Instead, professionals at Content Euphoria interact with their clients, listen to their needs, and then curate an SOP that will have the client’s personal touch.


  • Adequately Researched SOP

Content Euphoria provides a well-researched statement of purpose regarding the University and the applicant’s program.


  • High-Quality Content and Fastest Delivery Time

High-quality content and the fastest delivery time without any compromise with the quality of the content is what distinguishes Content Euphoria from other SOP writing services.


Their services include over 200+ premium writing services, with specialization in:


  • SEO Blogs and Articles
  • Website content
  • Branding content
  • University Essays
  • Statement of Purpose (Academic and VISA)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume Writing
  • Scholarship Essays
  • Technical Writing


How do you contact them?

Email ID:

Phone number: +91 6399066666



Official location of Content Euphoria is itself bliss. They come from one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, Uttarakhand. At the foot of the Himalayas, a holy place to live a peaceful and divine life. Haldwani, Dehradun, Nainital, Uttarakhand. That’s the most amazing and unique factor regarding SunDeep’s gaining so much popularity around the world. Content Euphoria is everywhere and serving the world in a whole new way.



Who is the best SOP writing counselor in India (or World)? - Quora

The company was founded by Harsh Vardhan Dutta, who has a combined experience of 12 years in multiple domains. Italics provides efficient content writing services with a focus on quality. They enhance the SOP writing process through a comprehensive approach. Here are the unique features of Italics:


  • Analyzing Individuals

Understanding the individual is the first step to writing an SOP. Each student is unique and has an amazing story to tell. Writers at Italics take a candidate-centric approach. The SOP writers carefully consider the candidate’s interest in the specific course to highlight it.

  • Research on backend systems

The author does adequate research on the University and the candidate’s course and is vigilant and creative in the SOP. The SOP becomes authentic and credible as a result.

  • Create the perfect combination

The professional writers of SOPs help you design a customized document that stands out from the crowd. It is well-structured and conforms to industry standards.


Anjith V.S

Located in Kerala, Anjith V.S is a freelance content writing company. It offers services like Content Writing, Copyrighting, Resume Writing, SOP, LOR, Proofreading, etc.


Features of Anjith V.S


  • Customization of the SOP

Various universities use different formats. The SOP for some universities is in Microsoft Word, and that of other institutions is in PDF. Both forms are synchronized with the University’s requirements.

  • Diversified options: Students can choose from a variety of SOP samples and templates.
  • Intensive research: Their writers do extensive research on the University before submitting an excellent SOP to contextualize their profiles and prepare for admissions.
  • SOPs are developed for countries like the United States, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand with extraordinary expertise and experience.



Working at Write Right | Glassdoor

Bhavik Sarkhedi is the founder of Write-Right, which focuses on various content writing services like SOP writing, Resume Writing, Copywriting, etc.

He’s also the author of the bestselling novel, ‘Weak Point Dealer.’ A prolific writer with over a decade of experience, Bhavik hails from Ahmedabad. Here is their high-level approach to developing a high-quality SOP:

  • Introducing the candidate

An SOP must contain this information. Writers at Write-Right introduce the candidate in a way that will grab the reader’s attention. You just have to provide the usual information, such as your name, age, and gender. Their writers do the rest.

  • Articulating the candidate’s motivations

Their efficient writers beautifully describe your aims and objectives in the SOP.

  • Future goals

As part of the writing process, their writers pen down your vision in an articulate manner. It helps in presenting you as a serious candidate.


SOP Consultant

One of the best SOP writing services is offered by SOP consultants. The company is based in Kerala, but its services are available throughout the country.

SOP Consultants offers the following services:

  • A creative writing degree-holding writer is at your service
  • Affordable cost
  • They allow last-minute changes
  • Timely delivery of SOPs
  • Plagiarism free, engaging SOPs
  • They guarantee approval on the 1st try, thus opening the golden gates to foreign universities.

In addition to writing personal statements, they provide admission essays, college applications, motivation letters, references, scholarship essays, resume writing, and assignment editing services.


Online Macha

About – Online Macha – Medium

Online Macha gives you an edge over the competition to enter prestigious universities. Their writers are highly qualified and know what needs to be written in an SOP.

They offer the following benefits:

  • They deliver SOPs on time.
  • Plagiarism-free work
  • Affordable prices
  • Online Macha answers questions about studying in Germany and the United States.
  • Aside from writing SOPs, they offer SOP editing and SOP proofreading services.


Professional Writing Services

Established in 2007, Professional Writing Services provides ethical services to students and professionals alike. They also offer other services like writing Website Content, Landing Page Content, Press Releases, and Business Letters.

  • Their SOPs are a sure-fire way to success as they have the experience of delivering results. Speaking of one’s skills and expressing one’s accomplishments are two completely different things, and professional SOP writers know how to balance these two concepts.
  • Write in Accordance to Specific Requirements. Following the University’s requirements, the SOP is crafted to make the student admissible to the University.
  • You might have academic gaps between courses and have completely different backgrounds from the program they want to study. However, the team of writers at Professional Writing Services ensures such points don’t hinder your chances of admission.



Sop writing org

Sop provides several writing services. A support team of writers, hard-headed editors, spirited agents, and hard-headed, dedicated editors make up their team of experts in the industry.

  • Their enchanting SOPs provide you with a competitive edge.
  • Expert writers draft the SOP to adhere to the program a
  • 100% customizable SOP.
  • You will receive a unique essay that doesn’t contain any traces of plagiarism and meets the requirements of your favorite University.
  • Repayment Policy: Customers will be refunded their money if the SOP is inadequate or does not meet the mark.
  • Punctual Delivery
  • Cost-free Editing: After delivery, you may need to edit the SOP. No charge is involved.
  • Punctilious Support Representatives: Their customer care services are available throughout the day. Clients can also get assistance with any problem and receive personalized attention.



Visa Rejection SOP of upto 1600 words - TaleTel ®

Taletel promises to tell your story engagingly. It is a content management company providing India’s best content writing service. The founder of Taletel is Bhavik Sarkhedi, who is counted amongst the best writers and content marketers worldwide.


The company offers top-notch services like SOP Writing, Resume writing, blog writing, creative content writing, etc., at affordable prices. They have a pool of proficient writers who are stupendous at their job and customize content based on your needs.


They offer the following benefits:

  • Affordable: The services offered by Taletel do not put a huge burden on your pocket. They are inexpensive and worth the money.
  • Proven History: The company has a proven history of delivering satisfactory content. For years, they have pushed the limits of content creation.
  • Efficient Writers: Taletel has an able team of professional writers. In the context of SOPs, the company assigns you a writer who matches your academic background so that nothing technical is missed.
  • Discounts: You can grab the best discounts on Taletel without compromising on the quality of content.



Estorytellers is rated as the best content writing agency in India, delivering excellent content.

The company also provides other services, such as story-telling content, blog writing, copywriting, creative writing, translation, technical writing, etc.

  • Their expertise will help you achieve your dreams. They write customized SOPs for customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
  • Customer support is available 24/7: Customers can contact a team of customer service executives through Skype or Whatsapp 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Plagiarism-Free: E Storytellers’ primary focus is to ensure that any document is fully original.
  • Fastest Turnaround Time: All projects are completed quickly since they are time-sensitive and urgent.
  • Error Free SOP: They are proficient in the English language. Don’t worry about getting an SOP that contains no errors.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing: The best quality SOP at the most affordable prices so that the competitors’ pricing models do not deceive you.


 Benefits of Statement of Purpose(SOP)

An SOP (Statement of Purpose) is a document that envelops your entire academic journey, garnished with professional voyages. It is amongst the most critical aspects of your admission into your dream university.

Now, since you are aware of some of the best SOP writing services, here are the benefits of an SOP that you must capitalize upon. Once you know the advantages, you’d be in a better position to analyze your final draft.

Admission Prospects!

While seeking admission to an institution, you have to submit a plethora of documents like a Resume, Cover Letter, Letter of Recommendation (LoR), etc. Though all of them carry a detailed overview of your profile, none can match the efficacy of an SOP.

Have you ever wondered why universities demand an SOP when they already have several other documents to assess your profile? It is because while Resumes and Cover Letters carry mostly academic and professional statistics, the content of a Statement of Purpose also contains personal aspects of your journey.

An SOP adds weight to your admission possibilities and accentuates your chances of grabbing a seat with more information at the table.

A Reflection of Your Acumen!

An SOP reflects your abilities in the truest of terms. It cannot be maligned or falsified because the document consists of your unique personal experiences. The format of an SOP is such that none of your skills, achievements, or professional efficiencies are left behind.

The best part about an SOP is that if you prepare a proper blueprint before starting to write, there’s a 99% chance of it accommodating your entire life’s summary. Consequently, it would give the admission committee a crystal-clear perspective about your personality.

With well-defined paragraphs about your undergrad experience, professional life, technical skills, among others, an SOP ensures a clear reflection of your acumen.

Helps Grab Attention!

In the sea of admission documents asked by universities, an SOP captures the reader’s interest like none other. Mostly, admission papers are static and impersonal. However, an SOP changes the belief by supplying characteristic information.

It helps grab the reader’s attention by displaying your journey in a prolific manner. An SOP maintains a story-like flow and offers a compelling narrative to the admission committee.

Writing Proficiency!

If you have ever prepared a Resume, you must know that it doesn’t check your writing proficiency in any manner. However, that’s not true with a Statement of Purpose. You need to choose the right words, place them properly, and create logical sentences.

Maintaining continuity is amongst the most important things while penning an SOP. You have to treat it as a story than a mere document for university admission. Moreover, checking your writing skills is also a motive behind institutions asking for a Statement of Purpose.

Unless you give good thought to developing the right content for your SOP, you risk losing a golden chance for admission.

Edge Over Others!

A good resume will help you stand together with others, while a good SOP will push you a step ahead. You may ask why? It is because almost every individual has skills and achievements to their name, but not all know how to pen them down fluently in an SOP.

Therefore, to gain an edge over others, you must introspect and dive deep into your personal voyage.




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