5 Most Effective Ways to Get Your Kid Started with Coding?

Learning to code has immense benefits. From developing creative and computational thinking to enhancing problem-solving skills, there is a myriad of reasons to learn kids programming. Programming is the way to instruct computers to follow the instructions that humans want them to perform. Coding the problem into a language that is understandable by the computers can not only be fun and engaging but also help in sharpening the brain by applying problem-solving strategies.

While learning to code children need to understand the problem first and then solve it, with coding it becomes crucial to do this since the solution needs to be explained to a computer; so while a child’s brain may skill to understand the problem, an equivalent solution needs to be taught which requires breaking down the problem and to write the respective solution in a strategic step by step manner.

Introduce Kids to Scratch

An application for computer programming designed predominantly for kids up to ten years of age. Kids can express their creativity by making their own cartoon figures and apps, stories, games while learning to program.Developed by MIT media lab, Scratch aims at teaching coding interactively and enjoyably. It is a free programming environment available for kids to get started with coding.Kids will find moving objects on the screen, changing their colours and building their own thing very interesting.

Online Class

If the child seems interested in the computer programming these days several courses are available online where the parents can get their child registered, in fact, these online classes offer trial classes for free of cost so that the student and parents can get an idea of what is the course structure and what is the teaching methodology which the teacher will be following. The students and parents can clear their doubts with the teacher regarding the programming sessions. Also, if one online class doesn’t suit the student, there are several others which can be easily tried. Visit cuemath to understand more about kids coding.

Games and App Development

Kids love to play games. The parents can show them how simple games are designed by sitting with them and by just watching some simple tutorials or through websites like Scratch and The process should be made enjoyable. Just explaining concepts will make the kids feel bored and reluctant to proceed. Make it fun and interactive and observe how the child’s interest will start pouring in.

These are self-taught websites, and the parents can set their own pace. One can also make animations, create their own simple apps and stories as well. Parents, along with the child, can have a good time navigating these websites, having fun and learning going hand in hand.

Include STEM Games in the Routine

Including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) games and toys will help enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in the child. Including playtime, along with education, is also a sure way to instill learning in kids. There are different categories of STEM toys available; some teach kids how to code, some teach how to make video games. Playing with technology will spark their interest in creating something of their own, and that’s how they will find it easier to get introduced to programming.

Invest in Some Robotic Games

These days a variety of robot toys and games are available for kids. Kids will not only enjoy playing with them but will get curious as to how these function. Parents can explain to them how computers help in programming the robots to follow the instructions.

Learning to code has a bright future as technology has taken over our everyday lives and computers aid us everywhere. And hence getting to know how to instruct computers is becoming an essential part of current digital literacy.

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