AI Unleashed: AI In E-Commerce Meetup


About AI Unleashed

The 1st Edition of ThirdWatch’s AI in E-commerce Meetup, ‘AI Unleashed’ was held on May 18, 2018. The event was graced by E-commerce giants and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts, who discussed about Artificial Intelligence, role of Data and the role of AI in e-commerce businesses.

The event was inaugurated at 4:00 PM by ThirdWatch’s Co-Founder Mr. Adarsh Jain, who gave an introductory statement and spoke about how AI is enabling e-commerce businesses to detect and prevent fraud effortlessly. The meetup comprised of 3 sections in which each speaker spoke about the key issues relating to AI and E-commerce.

Speaker 1: Mr. Vaibhav Makhija, Product Manager, The Man Company

Mr. Makhija talked about the traditional fraud prevention techniques used by e-commerce companies and how such manual methods are unable to have a viable impact. He also spoke about the role of AI in Healthcare businesses in preventing fraud, calling AI ‘the need of the hour’.

Speaker 2: Mr. Pradeep Katyal, Independent Consultant, Fashion & Food Industry

Mr. Pradeep Katyal is a well-known name in the Fashion and Food Industry. Mr. Katyal engaged the audience about the significance of Data Management System for businesses and conducted an interactive session on the problems faced by young businesses in Data Management and the role AI plays in augmenting client experience.

Speaker 3: Mr. Rahul Agarwalla, Co-Founder, SenseAI

Mr. Rahul Agarwalla spoke about the perfect concoction of Artificial Intelligence and E-commerce businesses for fraud prevention. Mr. Agarwalla called Data the ‘food of AI’ and spoke about the role of Big Data in increasing the efficiency of AI engines.

The meetup was concluded with remarks from ThirdWatch’s Co-Founder, Mr. Shashank Agarwal, who talked about ‘Mitra’, the AI engine by ThirdWatch that helps e-commerce businesses in detecting and fighting fraud in real time.

About ThirdWatch

ThirdWatch is the first SaaS company in India to come up with an Artificial Intelligence-driven solution for e-commerce businesses to fight various types of frauds and abuses. ThirdWatch aims to enable e-commerce fraud prevention in real time through its AI engine Mitra that detects fraudulent transactions of an online business in less than 200 ms.

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