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Regardless of a gigantic entry of new altcoins, bitcoin has managed to sustain its dominance in the marketplace. For a cryptocurrency maintaining this amount of hype for almost 11 years in such a competitive space is something commendable. You can visit the news spy to analyze bitcoin trading deeply. People willing to acquire bitcoin either go with bitcoin mining or go for a cryptocurrency exchange to directly purchase. But in bitcoin mining, miners have two options, first is to go solo, and the second is to start a joint mining venture.

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For a joint mining venture, buying members of a mining pool is necessary. Therefore, security must be your priority when you explore the features of a cryptocurrency exchange. Usually, global mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges are good in terms of security. Still, if the features of these exchanges do not satisfy you, you can move to another local exchange.

Not every mining pool is paid, as the majority of the mining pool generate transaction fees by deducting transaction fees on every withdrawal made by the cryptocurrency miners. People who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency mining pools get confused while choosing an optimal one; that is why if you face difficulties finding a mining pool suiting your preferences, then here are the best bitcoin mining pools.

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We are leading bitcoin mining pools!

Two significant factors deciding the potential of the cryptocurrency mining pool are hash rate and the number of users. The below-listed cryptocurrency mining or a dedicated bitcoin mining pool are categorized in the list of bitcoin mining pools based upon their hash rate generated in the last six months. So let’s have a look at the best bitcoin mining pool.

Ant pool!

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Antpool is a giant in the bitcoin mining pool with a maximum hash rate. This cryptocurrency mining pool came after the subsequent live arrival of many famous mining pools. In the last few months, the popularity of this mining pool has sparked and has acquired a vast user base despite a competitive space. The reason why this mining pool surged in such a short time is because of the parent company. The parent company of this mining pool is Bitmain.

 Established miners are familiar with Bit main’s existence as it leads the bitcoin mining industry by manufacturing application-specific integrated circuits. However, Bitmain was accused of disrupting the mining ecosystem of the bitcoin network by manufacturing only mining centric hardware, making bitcoin mining not worth a shot with other hardware.!

In terms of hash rate and user base, lags behind Antpool but is categorized in the largest bitcoin mining pools at the instance. is correspondingly owned by the largest ASIC manufacturer of the cryptocurrency community. In short, this company owes the two most preferred cryptocurrency mining pools. Bitmain is not merely accused of disputing bitcoin’s mining ecosystem but also of making bitcoin mining a centralized action.

However, Bitmain is not the mere famous ASIC manufacturer as Avalon is also a famous bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer. Still, the range of products manufactured by Bitmain is much more comprehensive. Moreover, this company recently went public; people are investing in the stocks of this company to invest directly in bitcoin mining firms. The paying methodology followed by this mining pool is pay per share FPPS. The current standing of this mining pool in terms of the hash rate is 5.89 Exahash.

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The mining pools above accounted for more than 31% of the bitcoin blockchain and BTC blocks—the top accounts for generating more than 14% hash rate alone. Besides enabling virtual currency miners to mint only BTCs, this cryptocurrency mining pool correspondingly enables you to participate in mining bitcoin hard forks like Bitcoin cash.


Only a few old bitcoin mining pools have maintained their user base, and slush is one of the few mining pools. Slush is a cryptocurrency mining pool allowing you to mine bitcoin and other digital currencies. The hash rate standing of this cryptocurrency mining right now is way less than the above-listed mining pools, but the user base of this mining pool is immense as it has acquired the trust of early movers in the mining industry. The hash rate generated by this mining pool every second is 2.34 Exahash.

The above-listed portion explains the best bitcoin mining pools.   

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