Healthcare’s amazing storm chasers for 2021

 First Uber, then OYO, and now G Health.

When you throw people experienced in healthcare, crisis management, disaster response, non performing assets, debt management and investments together into a health company startup, and then comes CoVID…..

It is a huge coincidence and yet no surprise that they were born before CoVID took over India, and yet they grew and thrived and survived the CoVID assualt on the Indian business landscape.


We are not like others says one of their Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Veera Prasad Makineedi a qualified and experienced Hospital & Health Administrator. He commented that “the Indian Healthcare system needs Apollo, Medanta, Fortis, Manipal and other large corporate chains. But we are there to fill the gap and we work with everyone.

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We go where no one else goes, and we work with those that no one else does. We takeover hospitals in all situations and locations, and no news is bad news for us. Some of our hospitals have been in severe business difficulties before we took them over. We like dealing with challenges, and problems and our management is experienced to handle various situations in today’s complicated healthcare sector”

G Health, a part of GVNR Health, is a hospital operator and has grown to serve over five lakh patients in 22 months across 10 states in the secondary health care sector since its Inception. G Health operates under its own brand and several other brands.

Media shy G Health is focussed on extending affordable healthcare and when asked Dr. Makineedi says “We don’t need to be loud to serve people. Besides, we did not have the time to focus on publicity and marketing. We believe it is essential, but it is not our core area of expertise.”

We are looking forward to crossing our first milestone of 150 facilities shortly. With over 50,000 hospitals in India and still more needed, we have much more to do, says Dr. Veera Prasad.




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