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D’CANVAS- Let your place reflect who you are.

We often get a lot of ideas about how we can design our dream place, and the ideas that strike us are sometimes extraordinary which is a good feeling. However, turning these thoughts into reality often burns a hole in our pocket. It is still considered a luxury and is only afforded by the rich class. The designers charge highly for every exclusive design. And why not, a lot of thoughts, and creativity go into making a design which reflects your taste and personality. D’Canvas brings to you the best of designs, meticulously created to suit your style and comfort. A cherry on the top, it is created keeping your budget in mind.
Based out of Bangalore, D’Canvas is run by Vanitha, a freelance interior designer who is working on different projects in Bangalore and Hubli, while also working on some chain restaurant groups in Mumbai. Starting right from design to execution, everything is managed by her with utmost care, which ensures the best of results.

It sure takes a lot of courage to start something on your own at an age where you are expected to get married and settle down. Not just for the individual, but also for the people around him. But isn’t that what family is for, to celebrate the victories and provide a shoulder when things go wrong. With constant support from peers, Vanitha has been handling all projects individually and giving the best results to each and every one of her clients. Let us gather some more information about this youngest designer and her passion for her work through this exclusive interview.

1. What is the source of inspiration behind the name of your venture, D’CANVAS?
Recreation of thoughts in form of design.

2. Who all are your target audience/clients?
Simple middle-class people who dream of luxury.

3. Your current operations are located in which regions and Where are you based?
I am from Bangalore and working on different projects of interiors in places of Bangalore, Hubli, Mumbai based chain restaurant groups.

4. What problems does your venture resolve? What are your products or services?
I am a freelance interior designer where right from design to execution service is handled and being a single lady in the team it turns to be difficult to manage and design layouts with a minimal budget and yet get the best out of it to mark a strike in the field of completion where every day a new interior design forms thoughts of imagination.

5. Would you like to Share the idea or story behind the foundation of D’Canvas?
D’Canvas is originated from thoughts of arts that flow in form of design and later forms a piece of inspiration and terms itself in form of design style.

When I began three years back as a freelancer I was very clear to make my designs as a journey of inspiration to myself and later my designs get noted which leads a success to my name.

6. Do you face any rivalry and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
Every minute in the field of design is a competition and rivalry is our thoughts because in this field it’s you who build and it’s you who bring down oneself. Hence, I learn every day from my own mistakes to make myself stand not in a crowd of competition.

7. How do you identify your co-founder? Would you like to tell us something about them?
Currently, I am the own founder of my firm.

8. What is your idea of team formulation? What type of qualities do you search for in your team?
Team formulation walks along as your shadow hence I look for a backbone support, knowledgeable, keen to learn and walk with load truck of troubles.

9. What are your growth or expansion plans for the next 2 or 5 years?
Set up an mark as top 5 architects In pan India and been known as the youngest designer with the completion of 50+ projects single-handed.

10. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?
A name which is known by the design I make.

11. What are your short-term goals?
Expand myself in this wide field with at most contacts of success.

12. Have you risen any funding yet? Are you looking for the same?
Currently no.

13. Please share your incubation days struggle issues while setting up this venture, and how did you resolve them?
Setting up my venture gave me many issues of why a young age girl of 22 want to do her own, and how will she stand in the field of architecture where the ratio of the male is more than female?

Standing all day at the site with a fear inside made me realise that if I need to make myself than I need to prove myself first to become the reality of my imagination and that’s where my journey as an interior designer began to set up my own firm and my own team of inspirations.

14. What was or has been the most challenging part of your journey? How do you overcome the same?
Setting up a team with the best work possible made me collect 77 carpenters as a team to proudly take up projects more than 3 per month.

15. What is your idea of stress management?
Smile away and sketch those thoughts.

16. What do you do to escape the work life in your leisure time?
Dance, gym, chocolates make me escape with a reason.

17. Where would you like to escape to for a holiday?
Paris- a land of art.

18. Whom do you consider your idol/role model or biggest motivator and why?
Ar. Zaha Hadid because she says no design knows boundaries and the day you stop on a boundary think you lost the battle of design.

19. What makes entrepreneurs different from service class professionals?
You set up a mark of placement in the field so that we can always say the boss is always right.

20. Which part of your life would you like to rewrite if given a chance to restart with your career today?
My childhood of age 10

21. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & Social life?
Did not affect me because I gained my platform through them and strength with hopes of stepping back when I fail.

22. Is there anything, you’d like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?
When you have a dream make sure you just don’t do the best but shine so bright that the shine blurs the vision of haters around you.

23. Tell us something about your education & family background.
I belong to a family where at the age of 22 your set to get married and b.com is told the highest degree of life. And that’s where I stood oddly in the group to become an interior designer where even a simple man can afford luxury with its minimal budget. Today I am the top 9th interior designer for Bangalore and awarded as design diva 2018-19 and youngest designer award by Bollywood celebrity Gahaur Khan.

24. What is your USP or biggest strength that makes you stand apart from your competitors?
My willpower to not sit calm.

25. Why do you think start-ups are so vulnerable to the external business environment? What according to you are the threats to their stability?
Competition to compete in different ways and values to point on.

26. Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?
No, I still did not even step a success ladder, I have just made a minute stone of pitch to start off.
Vanitha JoshiVanitha Joshi

Address- #3482, VHBCS Layout, BSK 3rd Stage 4th Phase, Hosakherahalli cross, Bangalore-85.
Phone- 9538396703
Email ID- [email protected],
Website- www.behance.net/vanithajoshi


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