“Don’t just read those success stories, create one of your own” : says actor, producer & brand endorser Roshni Kapoor

We recently met Roshni Kapoor, the “The Rage-Over Injustice” fame actor, and sat her down for a tête-à-tête interview. Her success has intrigued and motivated people all around, especially women. Hence, we asked her a few questions to learn more.

Tell us about your journey.

Every person has a different experience, a different destination and itineraries to tick off. Over the years, being in the creative realms has always excited me. Hence, becoming an actor, producer, and brand endorser were natural choices for me.

Today, how is it being named as the Top Brand Endorser?

It would sound cliché if I say it feels great, but it is true. Building my career from scratch was no cakewalk for me; however, always hustling and making the most of the opportunities in the field turned me into a Top Brand Endorser, and being one, I have already worked with over 500+ brands.

Your debut movie created a huge uproar on Ott Platforms so how does it feel to be an award-winning artistic personality?

My debut movie “The Rage – Over Injustice” has made a mark and I have been receiving all the accolades for my performance. The film is based on the LGBT & Women Empowerment. I recently received the best debut actress award at the Aarvee entertainment awards for my movie from the voice of Pushpa in Hindi, Famous Bollywood Actor Shreyas Talpade. Winning the award is a big thing and getting it from Shreyas Talpade was the icing on the cake. Though I have won many awards and achievements like the Youth Icon of the Year (2020), Most Stylish Diva of India (2020), Role Model of the Year (2020), Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (2021), Top Brand Endorser (2021) & Best Debut Actress of the year (2022) n many more but I still feel I have a long way to go and so much to do in the coming years.

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Can you put more light on your brand Haute Manmzel?

I had started Haute Manmzel way back in 2016 as a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand as I loved talking and discussing about these niches. Today, it has turned into a production house, under which already completed a film, now a few web series and also music projects are lined up.

Roshni Kapoor, who as an actor has also done several ad films and worked with top film personalities. Now she is all set to shoot for her upcoming music song. The motivational quotes she goes by are – “Don’t just read those success stories, create one of your own” and yes,”Never announce your moves before you make them.”

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