Health & Well-being Company NColdPressed Offering 100% natural, sugar and preservatives free, cold pressed juice

Health is a fundamental and key per-requisite for our Life to Live. Health is like a car and the Life is like a journey in it. To start the car and move ahead the car must be in a good condition. Likewise, to start the Life and Live it to the fullest possibility, Health is inevitable. Otherwise, we can’t have the Joyful journey of Life and 100% Living is not possible. A healthy body is the home to a healthy mind. According to one famous saying- a person looses his health to earn money and at the end looses all his money to get health. In today’s tough and competitive world, it is very necessary to keep yourself healthy, so much pollution, adulterated & junk food, the natural dietary supplements are almost lost from our life.
We we are presenting an exclusive interview of Amitesh Sharma, Founder of NColdPressed. NColdPressed calls itself a health and well-being company. Their juices are marketed under the brand “N,” which stands for natural, nature. NColdPressed is a 100% natural, sugar and preservatives free, cold pressed juice to preserve its nutrients value and freshness, Lets See what the founder has to share about his venture with us.

  1. What is the source of inspiration behind the name of your venture, NColdPressed?

Our juices are marketed under the brand “N,” which stands for natural, nature. NColdPressed is a 100% natural, sugar and preservatives free, cold pressed juice. The juices are a combination of natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and herbs ensuring maximum retention of easily digestible natural nutrients, minerals, active enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

  1. Who all are your target audience/clients?

Our target consumer is anyone and everyone.

Our juices can be consumed by people who are healthy, lead a fit lifestyle and want to continue doing so; or, people who have various ailments and would like to consume specially formulated cold pressed juices; or, people who would like to supplement their diet with 100% natural, sugar and preservatives free, cold pressed juices.

Our DETOX juices are aimed at people who would like to periodically detox and cleanse their system. The minerals in the juices help in cleansing cells; the antioxidants help to scavenge the free radicals circulating in blood; and, the fluid content helps in carrying waste products out of the body.

  1. Your current operations are located in which regions and Where are you based at (city, state, country)?

NColdPressed is primarily available in Hyderabad, Telangana State. We also have subscribers in other cities and towns such as Vizag, Vijayawada and are looking at expanding our footprint.

  1. What problems does your venture resolve? What are your products or services?

NColdPressed calls itself a health and wellbeing company. We believe in driving a healthier life through the consumption of cold pressed juices which are made from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs etc. and are 100% free from preservatives and sugar.

“N” is 100% natural, delicious and nutritious and is available under 2 distinct categories – wellbeing and detox. The wellbeing range, comprising 10 juices, are carefully designed formulations that aim to deliver specific health benefits for the target population.

Offering 16 different blends, the detox juices aim to rejuvenate and repair the body, mind and soul. By flushing out all form of toxins from the body, this detox range truly enables deep cleansing.

  1. Would you like to Share the idea or story behind the foundation of NColdPressed?

Our story is almost serendipitous. Our CEO, Amitesh Sharma, is a successful entrepreneur and was the owner of “Filmy Tadka,” one of Hyderabad’s well-known vegetarian fine-dining and award-winning restaurant. However, Amitesh, who is himself a serious health enthusiast, soon ventured into cold pressed juices because he was appalled by the consumption of packed juices which were full of artificial sweeteners, sugars and preservatives which were harming the body and had long-term ill effects.

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p align=”justify”>There’s an interesting incident which really was the genesis of NColdPressed. Amitesh was thinking about where could he find a great quality apple and he realized it was only possible to find one at an Apple Store. The reality that it was extremely easy to buy a great quality phone over a click but a good quality juice, sugar free, preservative free which should be a fundamental thing was impossible to get. One wouldn’t buy a car, watch or phone with even a minor defect, but they are forced to drink a preservative and water add juice.
He wanted to change this.

  1. Do you face any rivalry and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

Cold pressed juice is still a niche category in India but lends itself to high growth because of changing consumer behaviour and consumption habits.

NColdPressed has one of the widest ranges of specially formulated cold pressed juices both in our wellbeing as well as in our detox range. We consider ourselves different because NColdPressed holds the promise of a unique and scientifically designed blends to deliver wholesome nourishment intertwined with pleasant taste in every bottle. Other cold pressed juice brands have not explored as many ingredients and combinations.

Our Research & Development team, again a possible first for a company our size, is constantly looking at innovating with different symbiotic combinations which can enhance the goodness of natural, cold pressed juices. We are also in advanced discussion with the medical fraternity to formulate juices for specific ailments.

  1. How do you identify your co-founder? Would you like to tell us something about them?

Amitesh Sharma is the sole founder and CEO of NColdPressed.

  1. What is your idea of team formulation? What type of qualities do you search for in your team?

We have a 25-member team which is dedicated and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and spread healthy-living, through our cold pressed juices, to the people.

While augmenting our team, we look, apart from professional expertise, for people who have the right attitude; can work harmoniously; can go over and beyond their spelt-out mandate; and, believe in our philosophy of customer-first.

Being a start-up, we believe in agility, quick decision making, 100% commitment and delivery and a case in point is our Head of Operations who is also a zumba trainer, a fitness enthusiast and today, manages operations and supply chain at NColdPressed.

  1. What is your growth or expansion plans for the next 2 or 5 years?

We have ambitious plans to grow and have a bigger footprint in metros and mini-metros. We are also looking to augment our manufacturing capacity in Hyderabad; expand our geographic footprint to a few more metros and mini metros; and also venture into the retail market.

Over the last 2 years, we have grown exponentially, albeit from a small base, and would like to continue on the high growth path.

  1. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

We see ourselves as a significant player in the health and wellbeing industry, having a pan-continent footprint with a diversified product portfolio comprising cold pressed juices and other health-related products and services. We will not be able to divulge details of our other products as they are still in the development stage.

  1. What are your short-term goals?

We would like to consolidate our market in Hyderabad and enter other exciting and larger markets. We are also looking at further expanding our product range and work with a few specialised sectors where we feel our cold pressed juices would prove beneficial.

  1. Have you risen any funding yet? Are you looking for the same?

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NColdPressed raised USD 300K in its first round of funding through founders and angel investors.

  1. Please share your incubation days struggle issues while setting up this venture, and how did you resolve them?

Our struggles and challenges were like that faced by any other start-ups. We had the idea and the confidence in delivering to that idea but we were facing challenges w.r.t. finding the right investors and mentors; finding the right people to build a strong team; and, having the correct supply chain and distribution model.

However, we were lucky in finding the right investors who not only had faith in our idea but, after interacting and engaging with us, started sharing our vision and business approach. This gave us a lot of confidence as we had people from the FMCG industry backing us.

Our biggest struggle was finding the right people and, after some permutations, we believe we have succeeded in building the core team which is passionate, committed and has belief in our business model. The supply chain and distribution model too have fallen into place.

I would like to add that although we have traversed a long road, our incubation period is not yet over. I would like to continue the philosophy and business ethics of a start-up – which is to always respect money and derive the most from it; work hard; be passionate about your company, products and/or services; have a close-knit team of go-getter professionals; and, always focus on the consumer.

  1. What was or has been the most challenging part of your journey? How do you overcome the same?

For a start-up like ours, the challenge was to find the right people who not only shared our passion but were committed to take this company forward. We are fortunate to have found them, and today we are a closely knitted team which is beginning to make an impact and, more importantly, enjoying what we do.

  1. What is your idea of stress management?

As the Founder and CEO, I focus on my positives. I am a huge fan of timely communication and I believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved by sitting across the table. I am also a fitness enthusiast and believe in exercising regularly, eating right and sleeping well.

  1. What do you do to escape the work life in your leisure time?

I like reading – management and books related to marketing, mind maps, neuroscience; I like designing for cafes and restaurants; and, meditate.

  1. Where would you like to escape to for a holiday?

I love to explore places, but when you are the CEO of a start-up where every day counts, I’d prefer a yoga or a meditation retreat – from where I can be back with immense energy to take my business forward.

  1. Whom do you consider your idol/role model or biggest motivator and why?

I’m totally inspired by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, for the immense display of energy. Like him, I definitely aspire to work 20 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  1. What makes entrepreneurs different from service class professionals?

Although I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, I have never worked for any organisation. I was always interested in carving a path of my own and I wanted to do something in the health and wellbeing space. Being a diehard vegetarian, it was natural to start a vegetarian fine-dining restaurant which many accolades. My foray into cold pressed juices was a natural extension into the health and wellness space as I was appalled by the amount of artificial, junk food we were consuming as a society.

Entrepreneurs, according to me, are people with a passion and a vision, but more importantly they are people who have the appetite for risk. They are the people, who like me, believe in “trying and failing; rather than not trying at all.” It is no wonder that there are so many people who are leaving their corporate jobs to start their own ventures which, more than money, gives them a satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment.

  1. Which part of your life would you like to rewrite if given a chance to restart with your career today?

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As a strong believer of Karma, I believe that everything happens for a reason and hence there’s nothing that I regret and nothing that I wish to rewrite.

  1. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & Social life?

The social life definitely has taken a hit. In the past 4 years, I’ve only taken 2 holidays, but that’s the nature of things for a start-up – you got to pay a price for what you really desire for and both my family and I are conscious about it and have accepted it gracefully.

  1. Is there anything, you’d like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?

It is great being an entrepreneur and this is probable the right time and place to be one. However, don’t be blinded just because it is your idea. Keep enough checks and balances to ensure that you never lose sight of your goal. And, finally, give it your 200% but also have the courage to walk away from it if it fails.

  1. Tell us something about your education & family background.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and come from a Marwari business family.

  1. What is your USP or biggest strength that makes you stand apart from your competitors?

NColdPressed is different because it holds the promise of unique and scientifically designed blends to deliver wholesome nourishment intertwined with pleasant taste in every bottle. Other cold pressed juice brands have not explored as many ingredients and combinations.

I am different because I am passionate, yet grounded; and, someone who is clear about what I want to achieve with an unwavering mind. I am patient yet fiercely competitive while going after business opportunities but I would never deviate from my goal of “playing a part in making the world a healthier place.” I have a few more ideas which I am working on in the health and wellness space and I am sure I would get the opportunity to reveal them at an opportune time.

  1. Why do you think start-ups are so vulnerable to the external business environment? What according to you are the threats to their stability?

The biggest threat to start-ups in not from an external source; it is from within. When you take an idea, your idea and start working on it, the biggest threat is how involved you are with it and do you have enough real measures, enough sane voices and mentors to not cloud your vision. It is very easy, and I have seen some real-life examples, where entrepreneurs where just not able to agree to the fact that their idea was not feasible.

  1. Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?

Success I think is a relative term. For some success is a measured by money; for some by the power they yield; but for me success is all about making a positive impact on your stakeholders – customers, employees, investors – with your work.

We’ve definitely made an impact with our work but success for me would be when we can make a global impact.

  1. Please share your contact details’ as follows:
    a. complete name: AMITESH SHARMA
    b. address: 4th Floor, 91 Springboard, Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081
    c. phone number: +91 98850 69411
    d. email id & website of Your Business: [email protected] ;
    e. Contact Person details: Sameer Saksena, +91 90520 36512


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